Bimini Bound

Bimini; a small pair of islands located about 47 miles east of Government Cut, Miami Beach, Florida. That makes them about 48 miles from my dock. I have fished as a profession for over 35 years and have never seen fishing better than Bimini.

Years ago we went there for marlin and giant tuna. These fish can still be found there in fair numbers, but you can find better spots for that.

What the waters around Bimini really excel in are light tackle lure casting for a variety of challenging game fish. It is fishing at it's best. Snapper, grouper, mackerel, cobia, assorted jacks, the list goes on all day. You fish for these fish in water so clear that you can tell if your dime is heads or tails laying on the bottom, 20 feet below. They come up and smash surface plugs and flies. They charge in from the side and devour your crank bait or streamer. Or they rocket into the air from under your jerk bait. It is beyond your dreams.

Bimini has numerous hotels and restaurants staffed by the pleasant residents of these two small islands, and every stay is a treat. We invite you to join us for a visit to these famous "Islands in the Stream", Papa Hemingways old hang out.

Let's try the Bahamas this summer, Bouncer.

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