Here's to a Great '06 of Fishing

Report Date: January 1, 2006

Happy New Year!!! Fishing at the end of 2005 could be called great or terrible, depending on what you targeted. We fished with a great guy named Mark for 3 days in Mid December. We were targeting swordfish and or an African pompano. We fished for African pompano the first afternoon (a Sunday) and caught 2 sailfish, a barracuda a tarpon and two snook. At least they were his first snook ever.

Mark?s second trip was after swordfish. We had caught 4 swordfish the previous Saturday night and caught one on Monday night before taking the hooks out of the baits to try to tease one up for the fly. 2 or 3 swordfish ate the hookless baits. Now it was Wednesday and not one swordfish tasted our baits. Friday was devoted strictly to African pompano and the pompano snubbed us as well.

In desperation, Mark ask to charter us for one last try from 5 to 10 on Friday night. Maybe we could scare up that swordfish. We left the dock at 5 and stopped by a popular African pompano spot for a quick try. Bingo! Mark caught a beautiful 30 pound African pompano.

Mark's African Pompano

Now it was off to the swordfish grounds. Viola! By 9 PM a nice swordfish was in the boat. 5 hours produced what 24 hours had failed to provide.

That weekend we caught sailfish and dolphin during the day. Sunday night we made our first tarpon trip of the season. It was hot. We got 4 tarpon, 4 snook and 2 big ladyfish.

Monday through Wednesday I finished moving to my new condo in Miami. Thursday and Friday we caught a couple sails, dolphin and kings.

Friday night we fished tarpon again. It was 4 fish to 150 pounds in 4 hours of solid action.

The Monday after Christmas we caught plenty of bottom fish. Mostly amberjack and almaco jacks. The bonus of the trip was a 40 pound king. Tuesday was kings, bonito, barracudas and Bermuda chubs on fly. Tuesday night was a bummer as the red hot tarpon were ice cold. We did catch a couple snook.

Wednesday was slow. We caught 1 sailfish and 1 king fish. Wednesday night was with the same people. The tarpon were on again. Our two anglers caught 6 tarpon during some wild action.

Thursday we tried everything. It produced a big fat skunk. That?s right, no fish came to the boat. Lost a sail, lost an unknown fish and lost the monster of the black lagoon after fighting it for over an hour.

Laurence finished the year with a nice snook

Thursday night the tarpon were boiling. Laurence Berlyn and his guest caught 4 tarpon to 110 pounds on 12 pound line, plus snook of 8 and 18 pounds. Don?t want to forget that big barracuda.

The last trip of the year was with The Hart Family from north Florida. They caught a bunch of amberjack in the 40 pound range, 3 almaco jack around 12 pounds each, jumped a tarpon and released a 12 pound snook.

FSU visits the Orange Bowl

I hope you all have the best year ever. You will find me in a lot of new places. New addresses;

mail Bouncer Smith, 600 NE 36th St #211, Miami, Fl. 33137


phone 305-573-8224 cell phone 305-439-2475

There is lots of great fishing coming up over the next few months. We are filling up fast, so let's plan those great days on the water, Bouncer

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