Wind, Sailfish and Tarpon

Report Date: January 22, 2006

We have had some great fishing this week, but stop the wind. It has been blowing over 15 knots for over a week. We have been lucky to have great sailors this week. Last Saturday we fished the Sailfish Shootout in west winds from 30 to 40 knots. We caught 3 sails, some kings and a bonito, but no where near enough to come in the money. We've got the boat and a great crew, now about that captain or luck. We need one of them to be better.

Monday we had a nice family out. They caught a bunch of sailfish and a couple king mackerel. Wednesday we had one fellow and he caught 4 sailfish, a couple sharks and a couple king mackerel.

Friday and Saturday we fished with the Della Monicas from New York and Chicago. On Friday they caught a sailfish, a tarpon about 110 pounds and enjoyed fighting two more tarpon till they jumped off. Between tarpon, they also caught several spanish mackerel, blue runners and a jack.

On Saturday they caught a tarpon, a spanish mackerel and a small shark around the inlet. We then ran down below Fowey Rock Light in 180 to 200 feet of water. From 3 to 6 PM they caught 6 sailfish, a king mackerel, a shark and a couple bonito.

The big news of the week, was the tarpon starting to feed during the day. Once this starts every year, it adds another possibility to a day of fishing.

Being late January, means there is a lot of great fishing over the next several months. It also means a very busy booking season. Please make your plans soon. We hate to say "sorry, we are sold out", but it will be said. e-mail me at or call me at 305-573-8224.

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