Big Fish Welcome February

Report Date: February 3, 2006

Heeeere's February! That means a very busy schedule. We have loads of sails and tarpon to catch, plus the Miami International Boat Show.

George scored with the sails

January ended with fairly good action. We caught a fair amount of sailfish and tarpon. 13 year old Matt Bertuch caught 7 sailfish and a shark in 4 hours of fishing, for our best day catch.

Rick Aizpuru and John Mahoney had a good week. They caught 8 sailfish, 6 tarpon, a dozen dolphin, a few sharks, some grouper and John caught a captain's record, monster mutton snapper of 24 pounds.

We closed out January and greeted February with bottom fishing action. Black, grey, red and scamp grouper were snapping. A few mutton snapper and assorted jacks joined the action.

John's Monster Mutton

Near shore tarpon and spanish mackerel were ready to taste live shrimp during the day. Shrimp runs were a great in the evening with a few tarpon to bend the rods.

Come by the boat show and say hello at the Dusky display on Saturday or Sunday. E-mail or call 305-573-8224 and set up your fishing trips. Or say hello on the water.

Look for great sailfish action during the day and tarpon at night all the way through May. Let's go catch 'em.

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