Tarpon and Tournaments

Report Date: June 9, 2003

Fishing has been exciting this week! Last Tuesday we went tarpon fishing in the evening. The first drift produced a 100 pound beauty. The second drift we caught and released a tarpon about 80 pounds. After that the wind switched around and died and we had a slow hour. When things started happening again, we got one about 140 pounds. We jumped one more and called it a night. 3 releases out of 4 strikes in 4 hours makes a very enjoyable evening.

Wednesday night was swordfish time. It was a great night to be 15 miles off Miami Beach. We had flat calm seas and the fish attracted to to the HydroGlow Lights were spectacular. We had several types of flying fish and 2 big barracuda swimming through the lights. Schools of small 8 inch dolphin swam around the boat. Then a school of 18 inch dolphin stopped by. We had a 5 or 6 inch sailfish strutting his stuff in the lights. He would stick out his pectoral fins and pop up his dorsal fin and swim around the blue light like he owned the place. He stayed about 10 minutes. Then 20 minutes latter a 2 or 3 inch sailfish came by. Now this guy was cute. I had a hard time trying to figure out what he was at first. Just a little stick swimming around the green light. Then out popped the pecks. What was a hoot, was when he put up his sail. His sail would pop up, and he would tip over to the right. Then he would drop his sail and swim around a few seconds. Then up the sail would go and he would fall over to the left. Down went the sail and he was fine. Up goes the sail and he falls over. This went on for 10 or 15 minutes before he sailed away. Oh! We did catch a little swordfish about 30 pounds. It may have beeen small, but it was the anglers first and fought well.

Friday was fair. A bunch of bonitos, a couple king mackerel and a 100 pound tarpon gave our anglers some practice for Saturdays tournament. Saturday we fished the ?Miami Dolphins Fishing Tournament? to fight cystic fibrosis. 77 boats braved winds up to 40 miles an hour in squalls and heavy rain to fish for kingfish, dolphin, tuna and wahoo. Fortunately we found some better conditions 20 miles south of the inlet. We had 6 foot seas at the start, but the wind quit and the seas died. We were just south of the rain, but in the fish. When the day ended we had 2 tuna, each weighed in at over 27 pounds. We also had kingfish of 11, 17 and 19 pounds. With 102+ pounds, the team aboard Bouncer?s Dusky 33 had won first place. We had top boat, largest kingfish and top lady angler.

Sunday was the ?Dusky Owners Dolphin Tournament?. We fished that, but we had used up all our luck on Saturday. We jumped a sailfish and fed a barracuda. That was all our action. We even tried for tarpon that evening without a bite. We sure had fun at the tournament picnic Sunday afternoon.

Monday it was back to just plain old fishing. It was great off the Ragged Keys. Fishing in 120 feet of water, we caught 2 small mutton snapper, plus three more of 8, 10 and 14 pounds. We caught and released 6 kingfish, a 20 pound cobia a small grouper and a bunch of bonito. We capped off the day when we jumped a sailfish and boated a 37 pound wahoo.

Keep an eye out for summer thunderstorms and try some night fishing to stay cool.

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