Big Fish are Hot in May

Report Date: May 25, 2006

May fishing has stayed super day after day and even most nights. The 15th we fished with Joe and Jay Della Monica and friend Jack. They caught 2 sailfish, 2dolphin, 2 barracuda, several bonito, 6 king mackerel and closed out this 8 hour trip with 3 tarpon from 80 to 120 pounds. Yes that is two Gold Coast Grand Slams.

The evening was slow as 12 year Alex Lambert missed 3 tarpon before assisting his father with the catch of a 100 pound tarpon. This trip was cut short by heavy rain in the early evening.

Alex gets his tarpon to dance

Tuesday the Della Monica group caught 6 king mackerel from 8 to 15 pounds, 5 dolphin from 10 to 20 pounds, 5 dolphin in the 5 to 7 pound range, a 30 pound blackfin tuna, a sailfish, a cero mackerel and a bonito.

Wednesday night Nick Crook hosted his 10 year old fishing partner, Alex to some tarpon fishing. Both boys released tarpon in the 80 pound class.

Saturday 7 year old Nelson fished with his father and a friend. Nelosn stole the show with a nice red grouper, a couple strawberry grouper, 3 yelloweye snappers, a 20 pound king, 2 mutton snappers, 1 porgy and 2 dolphin. The adults caught 2 mutton snappers, a nice kitty mitchell grouper and a dolphin.

Saturday night Lawrence Berlyn hosted 3 buddies as they caught 4 snook to 18 pounds and a barracuda.

Monday we fished with Keith and Jeannette Gallaher and their son Chris Weigman. They had a great day catching two 20 pound dolphin, 4 blackfin tuna from 24 to 30 pounds, 4 king fish, a shark on fly, 3 sailfish and a bunch of bonito.

Tuesday Jimmy and Lisa Shellenburger caught 5 sailfish, a 120 pound hammerhead shark, a small shark, 2 dolphin, and several king mackerel.

The evening trip was tough. Our guest of honor caught the only tarpon that bit all evening. Of course it was a very tough 153 pound beast..

Wednesday Jimmy and Lisa caught another sailfish, a bruising 75 pound monster bested by Lisa. Jimmy caught a 35 pound bull dolphin as they both caught loads of small dolphin, a ten pound dolphin, several bonito and several king mackerel.

Big John and Alex Lambert took advantage of a late start by catching 3 tarpon out of 8 bites. Of note was the fact that Big John got 1 of 2 tarpon he hooked on artificial shrimp and 12 year old Alex bested a 125 pound tarpon that he tricked into eating a 52M Mirrorlure rigged on a 5/0 Daiichi circle hook. These big female tarpon full of roe are extra tough. Alex got reminded of this as his fish took 2 hours of hard work as his fish traveled over 4 miles during the battle.

Alex scores a tarpon to be admired

We are off to the Bahamas for a few days. Send me an email and we will plan your fishing adventure as soon as we get back.

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