Great Action in the Evening

Report Date: June 18, 2003

We actually had some time off this past week, but we are back in action now. Mark and Betty Jo Yorio fished with us the last two evenings. They wanted to try for sailfish and tuna the first evening. We left the dock about 5 PM and caught live herring for bait. We started fishing in about 210 feet of water. We started so deep because the dirty water had been push out that far by the outgoing tide. We got a 5 pound dolphin on the kite right away. Next came a couple big barracudas in rapid order. These were followed by a shark about 40 pounds and another barracuda both at the same time. My full time mate, Ron spotted a free jumping sailfish inshore of us. I stated drifting into the now fairly clean, but current free shallower water. At about 175 feet there was a rip where the current started running south. Just outside that rip we hooked a sailfish on the kite. Mark soon caught and released his first sailfish ever. Just as we got the spread of baits out again, a sailfish ate the flatline and this time Betty Jo did the honors. Another sailfish was soon released. The sun was about to set, and it was time for a tuna bite. There he was on the flatline. It took several minutes for Mark to land this fine dinner fish of about 30 pounds. Betty was still taking pictures when her tuna ate the kite bait. When her 27 or 28 pound fish hit the ice the daylight was gone and it was time to head for the dock.

Tuesday morning we went dolphin fishing. It was pretty rough, so we put out a couple trolling lures and searched thee water for floating debris and the sky for birds as we made about 12 knots. The first couple flocks of birds produced nothing. Then we found a school of 1 pound dolphin. These were of no interest to us. Too small to fight or keep for eating. Then we hit pay dirt. The next flock of birds produced several 4 to 7 pound dolphin and about 6 boats. About the time it got crowded the rain came down. We headed through the rain and found the other side of it in about 10 minutes. Once the weather cleared we headed back to the depth where we found the last fish and found another school of fish under some more birds. These were about 8 to 15 pounds, but by the time we landed the best fish, the school was gone. The guys on the boat were ready for some quieter fishing, so we headed for the reef where we put up the kite and soon caught and released a sailfish and a barracuda. A try for tarpon was uneventful and we called it a day.

The Yorios were planning to swordfish with us in the evening, but 20 knot winds made that a bad plan. We went tarpon fishing with them and got a permit, a tarpon and lost another after numerous crashing jumps. They are coming back for the swordfish in a couple months.

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