August Fishing

Report Date: September 2, 2006

August was a month of great fishing trips. As you may recall we started with a record swordfish and several more.

We fished with Jeanne Pemberton, her dad Tom and mom Cindy on Saturday the 5th. They caught 8 nice snook and 4 big jacks in some rough water and even a little rain. We all still had a super time.

After that we did not fish for 5 days while I had a very complete physical, which I past with flying colors.

On the 13th we caught 11 nice dolphin on our way out swordfishing with the Mansell party. As the evening went on we toughed out a mean storm and tagged and released a nice swordfish.

On the 14th we fished in the evening for snook and caught a 16 pound snook and 14 pound cubera snapper. We also jumped one tarpon.

We tried for swordfish on fly the next night, but action was not part of the evening.

The 18th we fished with Mark and Sam Rupert. They released a sailfish, barracuda and 8 bonito plus putting 4 king mackerel and 3 dolphin in the boat.

The evening trip produced 4 nice snook after striking out along the reef.

The crew of the Hat Time scored big on Bouncer's Dusky

We fished swordfish on the 19th and 20th. On the 19th we caught a good sized shark and the 20th we tagged and released a swordfish. It was a tough night with 4 strikes, but only one catch.

The 22nd we caught a king mackerel, a dolphin, a small barracuda and 4 bonito. In the evening we fished with the crew of the "Hat Time". On the way out we scored on two floating boards, located by diving birds. We caught 4 dolphin from 9 to 15 pounds. In the evening we had 4 swordfish strikes, had 3 of them right up to the boat and boated a beautiful 80 inch, 250 pound beauty.

Bouncer's Striped Bass

The 24th I departed on a fishing vacation. I explored Cape Cod and a lot of the coast from New York to New Hampshire. A couple of great friends and clients really showed me around. We even got to visit a few other client friends along the way. I think my vacation should have been a few weeks longer, so I could visit more of my great client,/friends in that part of the world. We fished 4 days and caught 35 bluefin tuna in the 35 to 45 pound range, 15 stripe bass and several bluefish. Whale sightings and seals along the beach added flavor to the best of fishing. Even the chilly days were a nice change.

Bouncer's Tuna

I am back in Miami now and swordfish trips and a Bahamas trip fill most of September. I know some great catches are coming soon.

Swordfish season is here. It should be great from now through October, so e-mail me at to plan your trip. Be sure and pick up my DVD "Hydro Glows Basic swordfish tackle and tactics" at a tackle shop near you, or at .

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