Dolphin on Fly and Snook

Report Date: July 7, 2003

Boy did we have a hard day fishing last Wednesday! Rich Sullivan had planned on entertaining some clients, but they could not make it. He ask if he could do some fly fishing instead. We were glad to take him fly fishing for dolphin. The dolphin must have been glad as well. Everywhere we looked there were flocks of birds working over schools of dolphin. To keep the schools around the boat, you must keep catching fish. To do this requires more than 1 angler. This meant that my mate or I would need to fish with Rich. It was tough work, but as Rich caught dozens of dolphin on his fly rod, my mate, Ron, and I took turns catching them on our fly rod. It was a great birthday for Rich and us. We kept 20 dolphin and released about 50 over 6 hours.

That evening we caught 8 snook to 15 pounds and a couple tarpon at the inlet. The next day we had a father and his 2 daughters out for dolphin and it was ?pay back time? We never found a single dolphin. They were gone for the holiday. The dolphin were missing till Sunday, when they came back with a vengeance. That night the highlight of a catch of 5 snook was when little 10 year old Christy caught a 20 pound snook.

Friday produced loads of bonito, 1 out of 3 sailfish, a tarpon and a big jack after a 5 hour searched produced no dolphin.

Saturday the whole fleet was blown out. But Sunday produced 15 dolphin in an hour, 2 hours of fishing the edge produced 1 bonito and 2 hours at the inletr produced 2 snook, a 80 pound tarpon and several misses for some great guys from Connecticut.

We sword fished Saturday and Sunday night in rough seas and caught a 100 pound night shark and missed 1 swordfish bite the first night and had no action the second night.

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