Winter Fishing Arrives

Report Date: December 12, 2007

It has been far too long since my last report, but let's get caught up. November fishing had it's ups and downs with some good fishing and some very slow days.

We started November with a couple snook on the evening of the 2nd.

Our first day trip of the month was with Michael and Robert. They caught 6 sailfish, 10 dolphin, 4 mutton snappers, 12 small sharks and a king. Now that is the way to start a month.

The next day we fished with Charles and Ethan. They caught 1 of 3 sailfish, 2 muttons and 2 king mackerel.

We got a good look at daytime swordfishing with Captain Matt Tambor of "The Bite" fame. Matt and I have been good friends for several years and it was a good day on the water. I confirmed that daytime swordfishing may produce, but it ain't sport fishing as we know it. We had a bite or two, but no fish landed. Matt had been catching them every trip till I showed up, and then went several trips drawing blanks. He has been hot lately though.

Tom Kane and his son Peter fished with us on November 7th. They caught 1 of 2 sailfish, 2 and a half kings, a mutton snapper and 5 small amberjacks.

Frank, BT and Mark had a slow day, but did catch a sailfish and 3 dolphin.

We had a bachelor party for Scott Kenny on the 9th. Scott and company caught 3 sail, 4 dolphin, a king and a cero mackerel.

Jeff, Heather, Sherman, Ashton and a cobia

On the 10th we went to Bimini with Heather, Ashton and their fathers. We had a lot of fun mixed with angling trials. 7 year old Ashton had our first hookup. Over an hour latter her estimated 50 pound cobia finally won the battle by wrapping her line around some bottom structure. What a tough break for a really tough little girl. Heather caught a 45 pound cobia and a 60 pound blacktip shark. We had non-stop action with jacks, cudas, yellowtail snappers and sharks on both bait and flies.

Sunday was slower, but we still had quite a few fish of the same flavors.

On the 14th we fished with Harry and caught a sailfish, a dolphin, 2 kings up to 25 pounds and 5 small sharks.

2 Big Black Grouper

We did some bottom fishing with Mattie, James and Tom. We caught 22 and 28 pound black groupers, 2 sharks and 3 dolphin.

Over the next two days we fished with the Della Monicas from New York. They caught 3 sailfish, 15 dolphin, 25 sharks, an 11 pound mutton snapper, 2 kings to 25 pounds, a couple barracudas, a small tuna and 3 bonitos.

Cal and his buddies wanted some bottom fish on Sunday. They went home with a 12 pound black grouper, 5 mutton snappers, an african pompano, 2 amberjacks and a dolphin.

On the evening of November 18th we had a very special trip. Jeanne and Twig went out for a few hours of fun action. They caught 4 small king mackerel and a couple ladyfish. Jeanne was the hot hand on the boat as she caught a nice tarpon and as the evening was coming to a close she really scored with a beautiful engagement ring. Congratulations to the great couple.

The weather was rough the following week. Don and Sandy did catch a sailfish, a spanish mackerel, a small mutton and a cuda. They had to hold on tight as the seas were awful big.

We had a great Thanksgiving in Atlanta Georgia and then raced home for some fishing. That fishing was slow on Friday with just a few amberjack during the day and some small junk in th evening.

Things were much better on Saturday with a 25 pound gray grouper, 4 amberjacks, 3 kings and a mutton for Frank , Oswaldo and Danny. Brian and Nikki caught 2 of 3 sailfish in the evening.

Sunday found us catching a pending world record black grouper for women, a 27 pound barracuda, another small cuda and a spanish mackerel. We lost a lot of big bottom fish over the day.

On the 26th Albert caught sailfish, and with the help of Al and Philip they caught 3 dolphin, 5 kings, a shark, a cobia and a barracuda.

On the 27th Winn caught a 50 pound cobia and Tom and Mark added 10 dolphin.

Winn with his cobia

On the 29th we went daytime swordfishing and caught 1 of 2 swordfish. in the evening we had our first good evening tarpon action of the season. We caught 2 of 4 of the silver kings.

Don and Sandy closed out November in a big way for us. They caught 3 sailfish, 4 kings, 3 mutton snapper, 2 ladyfish and a tarpon.

The first 7 days of December were terrible. We had a few samll bottom fish, kings and bonito.

On the 8th this all changed with the Sailfish Kickoff Tournament. We caught 2 sailfish, 8 kings, 2 bonito and a 26 pound wahoo. Sunday we added 4 sailfish, a cero mackerel , 2 kings and a small tuna. Steve, Jeff, Bill and Paul caught a total of 6 sailfish to score 8th out of 77 boats. Steve was the only angler on board who had ever caught a sailfish before.

On the 11th with high seas back in town, Marius caught and released an estimated 90 pound sailfish and Virgil added his first Atlantic sail. They also caught 5 dolphin.

Winter is about here and the sailfish and tarpon are getting thicker as the water cools. Let's plan some fishing for the coming months. Happy Holidays and a Healthy Happy New Year to all, Capt, Bouncer

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