Night Fishing

Report Date: August 14, 2003

We had the MS worm! Thank goodness we got rid of it. Now we can talk about fishing again. We have done almost all of our fishing at night. For a while it was pretty tough to catch a swordfish. We went several nights with no bites or very few. That situation has now improved. We are getting some action nearly every night. My son got one the first night we tried. It was a great night with calm seas, clear skies, time with my son and 3 bites. He had one on for 15 minutes and 1 jump, but it pulled the hook. The next one was very brief, but it chased the bait into the HydroGlow light and put on a great show trying to decide whether to eat again or not. He decided not. The next one was caught, tagged and released at about 90 pounds. We sure hope the rest of the season is like that night or better.

The inshore fishing has been good. Hayes Fowler gathered up his buddies from around the southeast and brought them fishing over the weekend. We tried the swordfish, but the thunderstorms must have turned them off, because none of the boats had a bite that night. The next night the swordfish reports were very good . The next day we tried for some groupers that the guys could take home. The first 2 drops produced 8 and 10 pound groupers. Then several drops came up empty so we headed for tarpon country. In short order we caught 4 or 5 from 20 up to over 100 pounds. When the tide stopped they disappeared and we turned to snook. We caught 1 of 2 about 8 pounds and headed home.

Monday night we tried for cubera snapper. They were marking well on the fish finder and we had primo live lobsters for bait, but of the 4 boats there, we heard of 1 boat fighting one for a few minutes and losing the battle. We had 2 bites, but no hookup. Due to our anglers plans, we had to head home at 1. We will have to catch them next moon. We are looking forward to the swordfish turning on over the next couple months. We?ll keep you posted.

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