October Fishing Success

Report Date: October 21, 2008

October is sailing by on plenty of windy days. There has been some very good fishing mixed in along the way.

We fished on the 9th with Marty, Martini and Roberta Arostegui. Roberta is fishing for top species angler in the IWFA for 2008. Her goals for the day were to release a blackfin tuna, a wahoo, an almaco jack and a triple tail.

Martini wanted to see what we could catch on the bottom in water over 700 feet deep.

Marty wanted a good day on the water with his family.

Roberta caught 3 of her 4 target fish off of one tree we found floating in the Gulf Stream. She caught a few almaco jacks pitching small baits to the tree in the morning. A couple dolphin joined the fun and added to the dinner plans. Then we trolled by the tree and caught a wahoo and a few skipjack tuna.

Roberta added a couple skipjack tuna while we trolled from bottom drop to bottom drop. At the drops Martini caught 8 black bellied rose perch.

In the afternoon while trolling the edge for a blackfin tuna we found the same tree as in the morning. A triple tail we had seen in the morning, that would not bite, was still with the tree. With a lot of effort Roberta caught her triple tail.

We found no blackfin tuna, but Martini caught a rare cardinal snapper on a deep wreck.

That evening we went for swordfish with Charles Floyd and some friends of his. It was a beautiful evening with good action. We had at least 6 swordfish bites, but the hooking rate was slow. We did tag a little swordfish.

It is interesting that a lot of my fishing friends were commenting that there were plenty of bites, but few hook ups that week.

Gray Snapper for Dinner

Saturday and Sunday we fished with Jeff, 13 year old Heather, Brett and 8 year old Ashton in Bimini. We had a lot of action fishing up on the bank at several shallow wrecks. We caught loads of barracuda and jacks on fly. We added some delicious gray snappers on cut bait. I guess the best catch of day one was Brett’s big cuda on a 7 weight fly outfit.

Brett's Big Cuda on Fly

Day two started right out with Ashton catching a pending small fry girls world record horse eye jack of 10 pounds.

The morning was hectic with loads of jacks and cudas on bait and Heather had at least 10 big blacktip sharks hooked on flies. Heather learned a lot about big fish on fly that morning.

The afternoon was filled with catching big yellowtail snapper on a wreck right off Bimini.

Ashton's Record Horse Eye Jack

October 13 through 16 the wind blew over 20 knots. We missed out on a couple swordfish trips we had scheduled. We finally got to go for swordfish on Friday afternoon with the deadly combo of King Flowers and Buster McLean. Their last trip resulted in a 546 pound swordfish hooked 1 hour before dark. This trip, 1 hour before dark, they hooked up again. Two hours and 5 beautiful jumps latter they boated a 425 pound swordfish.

Saturday morning we fished the inlet, along a great looking blue edge and 4 wrecks. Total catch on a flat calm day with no current and no wind was 2 barracudas and 2 sharks.

Now the wind is blowing again.

425 Swordfish

We are discounting all full day trips $50 through December 23rd.

Come join the fun. As you can see the fall fishing has started and the sails are picking up and the trips are less frequent. This would be a good time to get out there and enjoy less boats on the water and more fish on your lines. Email me at captbouncer@bellsouth.net to plan a trip.

We will be holding a seminar on November 20th at Dusky Sport Center from 6 to 8:30. The topic is getting and using live bait. Give Dusky a call at 954-922-8890.

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