Great November Fishing

Report Date: November 12, 2008

Fall fishing is fantastic. The fishing right now is why we look forward to fishing in November and December.

Ben Boswell with his first sailfish

We finished off October just like we wanted November to be. We fished with Jim and his son Ben Boswell on the 28th and 29th. Ben was hoping for his first sailfish, and he got it. He also caught a skipjack tuna, a barracuda, a 15 pound bull dolphin, a 18 pound cow dolphin, a 22 pound king mackerel and a few smaller fish.

On the 30th we fished with Sandra and Don Blake. Sandra catches the fish and Don records them for the IWFA. Sandy had a very busy day. She started out with a spanish mackerel, king mackerel, amberjack and 7 gray snappers in the shallow water. Don added a couple more spanish mackerel. Then we moved to drifting in 75 to 200 feet of water with a kite and flatlines. Here we caught 4 dolphin, several kings a few bonitos and a skipjack tuna.

Peter with his 225 Swordfish

We then anchored in 100 feet of water. Here Sandy caught 2 mutton snappers, a black grouper, a cobia, a cero mackerel, a couple blue runners, a few more kings and 30 false albacore. Yes Sandy did catch over 70 fish in the course of the day. Bring on the Advil.

We spent the weekend at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show and got back to fishing on Monday with Mike. He spent his birthday catching 3 sailfish and 10 dolphin in 200 feet of water while kite fishing with live herring.

Tuesday evening we fished the beach with live shrimp and caught two permit and a tarpon with Sandy, Don, Gil and Mary.

Thursday we fished for daytime swordfish with Tom and 14 year old Peter Kane. The rod twitched a little with the bait 1740 feet below the boat. Peter grabbed the Penn 70 International filled with 80 pound braid and went to work on the possible fish. About 20 minutes latter the swordfish was jumping 1200 feet behind the boat . and Peter knew he had more than the 145 pound weight on his line. 6 jumps and 90 minutes latter Peter had the 225 pound swordfish in the boat. What a great catch by this young man.

Thursday evening it was Jed and his daughter Marie's turn to try the swordfish. They had no bites in the late afternoon while fishing the bottom. Shortly after dark their luck got better as two reels screamed with line rushing into the dark. In short order Marie had her 40 pound swordfish along side the boat where we tagged the little guy and sent him on his way. After about an hour Jed's 175 pound swordfish was in the boat and we headed home with smiles and swordfish steak dinners for all.

Ron Garry brought his wife and a couple friends out on Friday. They had a fun day with 2 sailfish, 10 dolphin and 8 kings.

Saturday Richard and some of his fellow biologist joined us for a day of fishing. They caught a sailfish, a 20 pound bull dolphin and 10 pound cow dolphin, kings of 20 and 30 pounds plus a whole bunch of 5 to 8 pound kings which were released as were the sail and biggest king. It was a great day for all.

Sunday we fished with Beverly, son-in-law Santos, and grandsons Henry and Sean. They had a little trouble with cold air and rough seas, but scored with a couple mutton snappers, a red grouper, a king and a dolphin.

Monday we got our heads handed to us. As hard as we fished, the fish were not playing this day. We did catch a big dolphin under a couple frigate birds in 40 feet of water. We found a couple mutton snappers on the bottom in 180 feet of water. And finally caught one big spanish mackerel in the shallow water. Not quite the day we expected with a good north wind and north current.

So Tuesday the fish turned back on for everybody. We still had a strong north current. We now had a 20 knot plus northeast wind and 7 to 10 foot seas. But now the fishing was HOT. Andres from Brazil caught 2 sailfish and lost a few more. He also caught about 20 dolphin and 5 sharks. He was a busy guy.

Jed and Marie caught double swordfish

We are discounting all full day trips $50 through December 23rd.

Come join the fun. As you can see the fall fishing has started and the sails are snapping. Dolphin and mackerel will fill the dinner table. This would be a good time to get out there and enjoy less boats on the water and more fish on your lines. Email me at to plan a trip.

We will be holding a seminar on November 20th at Dusky Sport Center from 6 to 8:30. The topic is getting and using live bait. Give Dusky a call at 954-922-8890.

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