Feruary Fishing Action

Report Date: March 3, 2009

Hey! I blinked and February is gone. Way back min January we finished the month with two trips with Pete and Ted. They caught a sailfish, 4 mutton snappers, a black grouper, 5 amberjacks, a couple bonitos, a gray snapper, 12 dolphin and a red snapper.

Jake with his 17 pound red snapper

February 6th we had a bottom fishing trip with Matt. We caught 10 jacks, 2 mutton snappers and a big porgy.

On the 7th we fished with Paul and Heidi Knute. They caught a sailfish, a dolphin over 20 pounds, another dolphin, 3 muttons, a small red grouper and 2 king mackerel.

On the 8th we fished with Don and Sandy Blake. We caught a sailfish, 3 dolphin, 3 muttons and a red grouper. Last week they e mailed me that after a ton of hard fishing Sandy won one of the International Women's Fishing Associations top awards. She had the highest score for members through 3 years in the organization. Congratulations Sandy! Good work Mr. secretary Don.

On the 9th we fished with Hank Dinardo. He caught a sailfish, a black grouper, mutton snappers of 7 and 10 pounds, 5 red groupers, 3 amberjacks, 8 dolphin, 1 king, 1 bonito and 2 spanish mackerel.

Tom and Peter Kane went swordfishing with us on the 12th. Peter fought one for an hour and pulled the hooks 300 feet from the boat. On the way home they caught a black grouper and a bonito.

At the Miami International Boat Show, the Billfish Foundation awarded their annual release awards. We were honored for the Most Atlantic Sailfish Tagged and Released.

After the boat show we fished with the Della Monicas on the 16th. They caught a 24 pound black grouper, a gag grouper and a couple mutton snappers.

The 18th we fished with the Hilderands from England. They caught a 15 pound dolphin, a king, 2 bonito and 2 mutton snappers.

That evening we fished with Mike and we caught 3 out of 4 tarpon on live shrimp off south beach.

The 19th we fished with Jeff, Cody and Taylor Lapnow and cousin Matt. They caught 35 jacks, 2 scamp groupers, 2 boniot, a snow grouper and a kitty mitchell grouper on vertical jigs. That evening they caught tarpon of 125 and 50 pounds.

Scott and his wahoo

On Friday and Saturday we fished with the guys from Kentucky. They caught 4 muttons, a big cuda, an almaco jack, 2 sailfish, a bonito, 2 red groupers and 4 tarpon from 30 to 85 pounds.

On Sunday it was back with the Lapnows. The vertical jigs produced 25 jacks that averaged 20 pounds, 2 snow grouper, a scamp grouper and a blackfin tuna.

Taylor and Cody with a couple of jacks

In the evening Ricardo Porta, 15, caught his first tarpon and a 8 pound gray grouper.

On the 23rd we fished with Phil Ktera. He caught a dolphin, a mutton and 3 jacks.

In the evening the Hilderands caught 3 of 5 tarpon and a snook.

On the 24th we fished for tarpon for 6 hours and only jumped one. We went offshore for 2 hours and caught 4 nice dolphin.

On the 25th and 26 we fished with Mark and Dustin Brecher. They caught 5 sailfish, a 25 pound dolphin, a 24 pound blackfin tuna, 4 other dolphin, 2 kings and 8 bonito. On the 28th and March 1st they fished the Bob Lewis Billfish Challenge with us. We caught 4 sailfish and took an award for the 3rd most sailfish from an outboard boat on day two. They also caught a dozen bonitos, a shark and a king.

The evening of the 25th we fished for tarpon for 3 hours and caught 2 of 4 in the 100 pound class.

Cody with a big Snowy on a vertical jig

It's March and that means more sailfish, dolphin, kings and tarpon. We have several days available this month, so send me an e-mail and let's go fishing.

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