Red Hot Summer fishing Action

Report Date: July 30, 2009

If you like hot fishing, then you would be loving the current action.

Dr. Max Kamerman and his wife Meredith caught more fish they wanted on July 24th. In the first hour they slammed 8 king mackerel and 12 bonito. By 11 AM they had about 35 fish. We spent a couple hours searching the local wrecks for bottom fish, but we only caught one big porgy and a couple more bonito. On the way home they added 2 barracuda and 6 snook.

We went swordfishing that evening, but luck was not on our side. We made 3 bottom drops without a bite. Then we made a night drift for 2 hours over a very good area with no bites. We stopped on the way in and caught 5 snook and had a brief, but wild bout with a tarpon that ran over the rocks and got away.

Brian and his friends caught 17 snook

Sunday night we went snook fishing with the Brian Five birthday party. These guys had a ball catching 17 snook to over 25 pounds and a big jack. 5 of their snook were between 39 and 42 inches. Of course all snook must be treated with the maximum of care and released as they are schooled up to spawn.

Snook action is Hot

On Monday we fished with the Peter Fullerton family. They caught 20 bonito, 1 mutton snapper, 6 kings, 2 sharks and 2 barracudas.

On Tuesday we fished with Chris Jewett, 13. He caught 8 and a half snook. A barracuda bit the first snook in half. He also caught a big barracuda, 4 kings, 20 bonitos and a sailfish. And he got a couple jumps out of a tarpon. Oh yeah. He did let his father catch 1 snook, 5 bonitos and a king.

CJ caught 9 snook and a lot more

Wednesday John Prescott and his business associates could only fish half a day. They sure made the best of their time. The guys caught 5 snook to 25 pounds, a tarpon, 4 king mackerel, 2 bonitos, a grouper and a 60 pound spinner shark hooked right in the tip of the tail. That was a tough fight.

Fishing is hot and we have loads of open dates. So, let's go fishing.

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