It Is Time for Fall Fishing

Report Date: September 1, 2009

Boy am I glad we got through August. The first weekend we broke the line 3 times while swordfishing. Sunday did produce 9 dolphin on our way out to try for swordfish.

Then we sat at the dock for 4 days before going fishing again. Now I remember how everybody else feels when they get to go fishing after 5 days on shore. Friday fishing was slow, but we did catch a king, 16 and 7 pound snook and a couple barracudas.

Saturday the 8th we suffered through another tough swordfish trip. We caught a dolphin on the way out with Jay and Leah. We also caught a barracuda while dropping for swordfish, but no sword bites.

On Sunday we went back in time. 10 years ago we used to go for cubera snapper on the full moon in August and September. Well we went down to the cubera hole with John and 10 year old Andrew Schreiber. They caught 7 cuberas from 20 to 40 pounds and had 8 other bites. It was a great evening.

Andrew slammed the Cubera Snapper

We caught a couple snook on each of two trips during the week of August 10 through 16, but we did no offshore fishing all week.

Bill and Eric fished with us on the 17th. We had winter type conditions with winds of 15 to 20 knots and a strong north current. We caught 6 bonito, 2 kings and a barracuda. At least we raised a sailfish.

That evening we fished with Phil, Cindy and Hailey and caught 4 snook and 2 big jack crevalle.

The 18th we fished with Eric and had a good day with those winter sea conditions of strong wind and current. Eric caught his first two sailfish, a dozen bonito and a barracuda.

The next day we still had the wind and current with a boat load of McCullys. We fished with Rob, Pierce and twins Pippa and Zara. They had a ball catching 35 bonito, a cuda, a amberjack and a 30 pound king.

Pippa's Amberjack

Greg and his nephew Rick caught 30 bonito, a mutton snapper, and 2 barracudas.

On Sunday the 23rd we fished with Zac and Kattie for swordfish. They caught the most colorful swordfish of my career. This fish was a brilliant blue back and bluish silver sides beyond description. It was 104 inches overall and about 150 pounds.

Zac and Kattie's Swordfish

After another week of torturous not fishing we ran to Bimini for the weekend. We fished with Jeff and 14 year old Heather Harkavy and Brett and 10 year old Ashton Panter. We all had a ball. The girls caught 4 pending world records. Ashton caught a pending record 30 pound blacktip shark and a pending record 14 pound horse eye jack for small fry women. Heather caught pending record 2 pound black grouper and 9 pound horse eye jack for junior women.

Heather also caught a 16 pound barracuda and a 22 pound blacktip shark on fly. She added a 7 pound cero mackerel of note as well.

The two families added 3 cobia, a bunch of yellowtail snapper, more cero mackerel, blue runners, a pile of barracudas and assorted others to fill the days. There were a lot of sore muscles on their way home Sunday night.

Ashton caught two records

Well September has arrived. That means the best time of year for swordfish stretches over the next 3 months. The fall migration of mullet, mackerel, bluefish, mutton snapper, yellowtail snapper, king mackerel, tuna, dolphin and more will be causing some super fishing days.

We will be discussing all this fishing action at Dusky Sport Center on Thursday October 1st at 6 PM. If you want to live the action by catching some of these fish, cf1```e-mail me at

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