Super Fishing in December

Report Date: November 30, -0001

Happy New Year! What a great year we have had. For almost 12 months now we have been sharing the boat with Abie Raymond. What a great crewman. He has his captains license and a great personality, so life has been great with him on deck.

December has given up some very good fishing for us and our many new clients and so many old friends a.k.a. known as clients.

Eric got a birthday tarpon

On December 5th we celebrated Eric's 13th birthday with his buddies BJ and Andre. They caught 9 king mackerel to 20 pounds, 2 mutton snappers, a bonito, a large spanish mackerel, a bunch of blue runners and Erci scored with a 100 pound tarpon.

Roberta Arostegui caught a 35 pound king on 8 pound line, 2 mutton snappers, a small bonito, blackfin tuna, skipjack tuna, had a 700 pound mako shark hooked on 6 pound line for a minute (what a sight as it chased down her skipjack tuna on the surface) and 27 dolphin.

On the 8th we went for swordfish. We caught 4 dolphin, but no swordfish.

We fished with Rob Fleming on the 9th. Rob, Bill and Tom caught 2 kings, 1 dolphin, 3 small tuna, a shark, a 22 pound blackfin tuna, a sailfish, a skipjack tuna and 5 big african pompano.

Big Barracuda are a Treat

Rob, Tom, Chad and VJ caught 3 sailfish, a 25 pound cuda, a 10 pound mutton snapper and 2 african pompano on Thursday.

On the 11th Cal, David and David caught 5 kings, a mutton snapper , a small tuna and lost a sailfish.

Old friends Jan, Paul, Joe and Red fished Sunday after being blown out on Saturday buy 30 knot winds. They caught a sailfish, 2 mutton snappers, 6 dolphin, a skipjack, a bonito and a vermillion snapper.

Joe got his First Sailfish

On The 14th Don and Sandy Blake joined us for the day. They caught 2 big african pompano, 6 bonito, a sailfish, a spanish mackerel, and 2 tarpon. The highlight of the day was when we stumbled on the best blackfin tuna fishing I have ever seen. In less than an hour we caught 20 tuna about 6 to 8 pounds. I even caught one on fly.

On Tuesday we fished with some of the dock attendants from Miami Beach Marina. Sam JD and Brandon caught a sailfish, flag yellowtail snapper, a barracuda, yellow jack, almaco jack on fly, 2 bonito, a 25 pound black grouper, 6 amberjack including one on fly, 4 mutton snapper up to 10 pounds and 2 big african pompano.

On the 16th Roberta caught a sailfish on 8 pound line and a 28 pound african pompano on 12 pound line and a bonito.

Zack and Steve celebrated Zack's birthday on the 19th. They caught 2 black grouper, a grey grouper, 1.5 yellowtails, 2.5 mutton snappers, 3 barracuda, 1 bonito, 1 king, 1 spanish mackerel, 1 dolphin, 1 shark and 10 amberjacks while the winds blew up to 35 knots.

On the 20th Mike and Ken caught 14 dolphin, sailfish, a shark and a huge rainbow runner.

On the 21st Fletcher caught 8 sailfish and a kingfish. Oh, he let his dad catch another 4 sailfish. That night Zac, Mac and Peter caught 6 tarpon.

The 22nd we caught a black grouper, a scamp grouper, 2 muttons, a sailfish and 3 bonito.

On the 26th Steve, Carlos and Obed went for swordfish. Carlos fought for 2 hours and 20 minutes to force a 120 pound swordfish to the surface from 1800 feet of water. I guess hooking swordfish in the top of the head and dorsal fin makes them fight harder.

The 27th we caught 7 dolphin, 1 mutton snapper, 2 big porgy, a huge red grouper, 2 small red grouper and 2 amberjacks.

The 28th Steve brought his boys David and Mike. They caught 3 dolphin, 6 bonito, 2 kings, 2 sharks and 2 sailfish.

The 29th we fished with Joe and Jay Della Monica. They wanted bottom fish and we scored. They had mutton snapper of 14,9,9,8,6 and 4 pounds, a scamp grouper, 2 jacks and 3 huge porgy. They ended our year with a sailfish, a king, a mutton and a porgy.

Big African Pompano made Big News

We ended the year with a couple of great Honors. For 2009 Abie, our great clients and I were honored for tagging and releasing more Atlantic sailfish and Swordfish than any other boat for the Billfish Foundation. We are waiting to hear how we did in dolphin tagging and releasing.

We will be appearing on Mark Sosin's Saltwater Journal in mid January on Sun sports. I will be in Islamorada for the Salt water Sportsman Seminar on January 23rd. And I will be visiting a couple of fishing clubs in January. I hope I see you all on the water.

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