What A Spring of Fish Catches

Report Date: June 19, 2010

Boy, if I keep this up I am going to get fired. I am sorry about the delay in reports, but I guess we are just fishing too much.

On April 21st Taylor Lapnow caught a sailfish, 150 pound hammerhead shark, 100 pound blacktip shark, 6 bonito, 12 amberjacks to 48 pounds, a 35 pound almaco jack and 3 dolphin to 30 pounds. Oh, I guess his dad might have caught a couple of those jacks and bonito.

Aiden and Yancy with their Tarpon

On the 23rd we had a strange evening trip catching 6 squid on live shrimp before Allison and Jeffery Liederman and Shane each caught tarpon.

Buck Brennan Howard and Scott had a great weekend catching 10 sails, a dolphin, 6 bonito, 2 cudas, 2 kings and 4 tuna.

Ben, Dominic and Ron had a super day catching 5 permit to 40 pounds, 6 cudas to 40 pounds, 3 jack crevalles to 28 pounds, a king and 5 bonitos.

The guys from Florida's west coast caught 8 sailfish, a dolphin, 2 amberjacks, an almaco jack, a cuda, 4 bonito, a large red grouper and a shark.

Damian, David and Mike caught 3 sails, a 18 pounds dolphin, a king and 5 tuna. That night Sebastian caught 3 tarpon from 80 to 140 pounds.

Kate and Jack caught 4 sails, 2 bonito and a spanish mackerel.

Austin, 7 and Kevin, 10 caught 2 sailfish, 5 kings, 8 bonito and tarpon of 120 and 80 pounds on May 2nd. That night Bob and Eric caught 2 tarpon.

May 3 rd Ben, Dom and Ron caught 3 tarpon over 100 pounds.

May 5th Don and Sandy Blake caught 5 permit, 8 sailfish, 2 kings and a shark.

May 9 through 12 we had a ball in the Bahamas catching assorted jacks, sharks, snappers, cudas and mackerel on fly with a super bunch of guys from Wisconsin. We even caught 3 bonefish.

The MNonster Oilfish

On May 15th we fished with Marianne, Ron and Eric. They caught a sail, 2 kings, 3 dolphin, a bonito and 2 tarpon. Eric scored the coveted Gold Coast Grand Slam with a dolphin, a sailfish and a tarpon.

That night Rick and his guest caught 3 tarpon and a permit.

Chris and his friends from Chicago caught 6 sails, 2 kings, a big cuda and a 30 pound tuna. That night Dave and Chet each caught nice tarpon.

Bruce, Sky and Mark caught 3 sails, 2 tuna, 4 dolphin to 18 pounds, 2 kings to 22 pounds, a cuda and 2 bonito. That night Ben, Dom and Ron caught 3 tarpon and a big jack.

The Small family caught 3 sails, 4 big tuna, 4 dolphin, 2 kings, 15 bonito, 3 big amberjacks a cuda and a yellowtail.

We fished with the Gravenstein brothers for a couple of days catching 3 tarpon, 2 sails, a dolphin, 6 kings, 15 bonito, 1/2 a nice tuna, a cero mackerel and 9 permit.

We then fished 6 and 8 pound tackle for a couple of days with Benji, Gabriel, Jack and Bennett. They caught 8 tarpon, 8 big tuna, 3 sails, 3 dolphin, 6 kings, 10 bonito and 3 permit. Gabriel caught a Gold Coast Grand Slam.

May 24th Arthur, Olex and Stephan caught a tuna, 12 king, 20 dolphin, 5 bonito and a hammerhead shark. That night Bob, Bob and Jack caught 3 tarpon.

The 25th we went tarpon fishing at dawn. Paul caught a 150 pound tarpon and Brad caught a 120 pound tarpon.

Bob, Tom and Steve caught a permit, 2 tuna, a mutton snapper, 6 kings, 6 bonito and a amberjack. That night Steve and Anne caught 2 tarpon.

We spent May 30 through June 4 in the Bahamas with the Arosteguis. We caught 60 dolphin on fly, 5 world records, a bunch of jacks and assorted reef fish and did some great diving.

Bill caught a lot of Dolphin on Fly

On the 5th we caught 6 dolphin before running into the bay to catch a permit.

The 6th we fished the Dusky Dolphin Day and caught 50 dolphin before 11AM. Then it was back to the dock to party.

The 8th we fished with Spencer and his friends. They caught over 40 kings to over 20 pounds, 15 bonito, a big tuna and dolphin of 8 and 18 pounds. No slow times that day.

We fished with captains Mario and Kevin Cote on the 9th. They caught 7 tuna, 15 dolphin and 15 bonito and we went home at noon.

Brad and his friends caught 4 tarpon Thursday night. They caught 2 bonito, a small dolphin and 2 tarpon Friday night.

The 12th Regina, Joe and Wayne caught 2 tuna, a dolphin, a cuda, 2 jacks, a horse eye jack and 4 bonito. That night Joe, Kane and Sam caught 2 tarpon.

June 14th was a bust for swordfish with no strikes. We did catch 2 dolphin and one of them had a 24 inch sailfish in it's stomach.

The next day we went for swordfish again. Our luck was better with Ozzie, Joe and Robert. They caught whopping 45 pound oil fish, 51 inch swordfish and 6 dolphin.

The Villa guys caught 3 tarpon Wednesday night on live crabs.

June 17th Bill and Kyle caught 20 dolphin to 30 inches. Half of them were caught by Bill on fly. We caught 3 tuna, 1 of them on fly, 6 kings and 10 bonito. That night Yancy and his son Aiden caught a beautiful tarpon.

June 18th Cal Levy brought out David, David Jr and Avi. They caught 2 bonito, 3 amberjacks, 4 kings and a 27 pound black grouper.

Cal with his Black Grouper

July is a good month for dolphin, bottom fish and snook. There will be some swordfish and kingfish around as well. We will be holding a bottom fishing seminar at Dusky Sport Center on July 15th at 6 PM. Call 954-922-8890 for details.

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