Rough Fishing in July

Report Date: July 26, 2010

July has had a enough windy days to last all summer. In between we have had a variety of fishing successes and tough trips.

We fished with Raphael on 4th of July morning and caught 3 kings, 10 bonito, a barracuda, a yellow eye snapper, a 25 pound almaco jack and a 120 pound shark.

Monday we fished in the evening with Gregg, Catlin (9) , and Mack (11). They caught 7 snook and 2 cudas along with a thousand laughs. The guys fished again Wednesday and caught an almaco jack, 3 bonito, 11 yellow eye snappers, and 2 scamp groupers.

Thursday was one of the bad days for a while. We went 25 miles offshore searching for dolphin and caught one little one. We turned tail and ran back to the reef and caught 2 spinner sharks about 75 pounds each, an almaco jack, a horse eye jack and a bonito.

Friday we fished for swordfish for about 3 hours and did not have a bite. We did catch 3 dolphin to save the day.

We fished for 4 hours on the 14th and caught 6 bonito, 2 kings and a spinner shark.

On the 17th we fished with the guys from Panther Marine and caught 2 sailfish, 8 bonito and a king in 3 hours of rough seas. That was all the action and waves we needed.

On the 18th we lasted 4 hours in the rough seas and caught 2 kings, a nice mutton snapper, 6 bonito and cuda with the Burns family.

Michael finished his fishing Adventure with 4 big sharks

On the 20th we were fishing with 13 year old Mike Hoaglund and his family rode along to give him moral support. Mike caught a 20 pound snook, a 25 pound barracuda and a 45 pound amberjack before we called it a day at about 1 PM. More rough weather to beat everybody up. Mike and his family was back at it on the 22nd, but with the high seas we had to stay in the bay shark fishing. We went for 6 hours with one barracuda and some very small snappers. Then in about 30 minutes Mike caught sharks of about 40, 75, 100 and 130 pounds. The day was saved and smiles were beaming.

The 21st we watches Bonnie blow through without much to show but a little rain.

Sunday the 25th was still rough, but we did get out for the day. We had some great guys from Connecticut who caught a sailfish, 4 kings, a bonito and 8 barracuda.

A nice double header for the Pace guys

That night we had 3 students from Pace High with their fishing club leader Scott. They caught 8 snook to 18 pound, 6 jacks and jumped off two tarpon.

Scott (far right) Makes the Pace trips happen

Well July is wind blow and about to end. We should have good bottom fishing and snook fishing through August. Some years it is good for swordfish in August as well. Time will tell. If you want to be the angler that makes the next report, e-mail me at

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