The Ups and Downs of August Fishing

Report Date: August 23, 2010

Well look who is back at the computer again. I guess some free time has come my way again.

Since our last report we have had some great fishing, some fair fishing and some slow fishing, but it all beats working.

On July 26th we fished with Bruce Alexander and his 3 young charges. Luke, Austin and Jake caught 10 snook from 5 to 16 pounds over the course of the evening.

On the 27th we had a request for strictly bay fishing. We have done tons of this over the years, but not much this year. Well it started tough with no fish the first couple of hours. Finally we caught a nice mangrove and then a mutton snapper in Government Cut. We moved to one last bay spot and struck it rich with seven nice sea trout to save the day.

We had so much fun we went back there with Matt Tambor and his son Tyler, and Yancy Perkins and his son Aden to catch pinfish for our evening trip and 4 more trout.

That evening we traded those pinfish in on 3 snook and a couple of barracuda for Donald Kipnis and his guest.

Steve and Mike Feibus fished with us on the 29th. They worn themselves out on Bonito and added 3 kingfish, a 25 pound tuna, 2 snook and 3 barracuda to their fishing memories.

On July 30th we fished with 4 year old Tyler Derr from Hershey Pennsylvania and his parents Jason and Chrissy. They had a good day with a kingfish, 5 bonito, 2 trigger fish, 2 porgies, 1 yellowtail snapper, a creole fish, a sand tile fish and a remora. The fiash fry at Montys was a big hit.

On the 31st we had one of those bad days. We were after swordfish with Frank Bilotti and his son. We had 4 bites, but no score on 7 day drops.

On August 1st we fished with Rob and some friends. They caught a spinner shark, a big amberjack, a sailfish, a king, a barracuda and 6 bonito.

On the second we were back out with Tyler and his parents. They had a slower day, but it was still fun as they jumped a sailfish, caught a 54 inch barracuda, 84 inch hammerhead shark, 2 bonitos, a almaco jack, a amberjack and assorted bottom fish.

Phil caught nine species of fish

Wednesday we fished with Phil Hogue who had a super day. He caught one of 4 sailfish he had on, a 40 pound wahoo, 25 pound tuna, 5 kings, 4 mutton snappers, a big yellow eye snapper, 2 barracudas and a bunch of bonitos.

On the 5th Juan and Carlos caught 2 sailfish, 10 kings to 30 pounds and 10 bonitos.

On the 6th We fished with Cal Levy and his gang. They fished from 3 to 9 PM and scored big with 3 sailfish, a 25 pound tuna, 5 muttons and a bonito.

Comer and his friends had some great fishing

On the 7th we fished with Comer Taylor and his buddies and they caught 8 kings, 6 muttons, 2 yellowtail snappers and 2 almaco jacks.

On Sunday it rained all day. We fished with Mario and his guest from 6 till 9 and caught 2 snook and a barracuda.

Justin had some fishing fun

I then went to Atlanta Georgia and Abie went to Puerto Rico for vacations.

We returned to fishing on the 16th for Spenserís 11th birthday. We gave the swordfish a shot and jumped one nice dolphin before retreating to the reef. there we caught 4 muton snappers, 2 sharpnose sharks and a bonito.

The 17th we fished with Barron, Tammy, Daniela and Andrew. They had a super day with 7 mutton snapper, 2 of which were 10 pounds each, 9 dolphin to 15 pounds, 2 bonito, a grouper and a 25 pound amberjack.

Thursday we fished half a day with the Coven family catching 10 kings, 3 bonito, a african pompano, a mutton snapper, a sharpnose shark and a dolphin.

That night was another bad trip. We went after cubera snapper with the Arostegui family and had no current and no bites.

On the 20th we fished with a group from Brazil and had a king, 3 bonitos, 3 almaco jacks, a mutton snapper, a 8 pound yellow eye snapper, a triple tail and assorted bottom fish.

On the 21st we fished with Jose for his birthday with Marcello and Louis. They caught 4 kings, 2 big almaco jacks, a small almaco jack and a barracuda.

That evening we fished with Cal Levy and his gang again and they caught a sailfish, a small almaco jack, a big porgy and 3 nice mutton snappers before bad weather chased us home.

We are looking forward to the September start of swordfish season along with the fall migration of an assortment of fish that could start in September. Some great fishing is coming soon.

We are doing a swordfish seminar at Dusky Marine on September 23rd at 6 PM. Call 954-922-8890 for details.

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