Wind and Good Fishing

Report Date: October 17, 2010

Fishing on the new boat has been great. Our first trip after the Bimini adventure was on September 24th, but it was very rough with 8 foot seas. We were trying to go for swordfish with Jay and Zach, but a barracuda and a shark along the edge were about all we could handle in those seas.

On the 25th the weather broke and Jay and Zach each caught a swordfish during the evening. Action was good with 4 bites and 2 fish over 2 hours in the evening.

The 26th and 27th we fished with Domenico from Italy. He caught a sailfish on a ballyhoo while we waited for a swordfish to bite during the afternoon and we missed a swordfish at night. The second day failed to produce any action on swordfish during the day.

The winds came back for a couple of days after that, but on the 30th we caught 8 tuna and 5 bonito after striking out with swordfish or dolphin.

The 2nd of October we fished with Ralph and Kai. They caught a sailfish, a king, a mutton, and a almaco jack. They ask about catching sharks and the sharks appeared. They ended up catching 5.

Ralph scored with a sail

Glenn ended up with a tough day of fishing. We tried a lot of things, but all we could help Glenn catch was 1 king and 1 skipjack tuna.

Monday we shot a show for Florida Sportsman and had rough weather with slow fishing. We did get lucky with a king, a tuna, half a cero mackerel, a barracuda, a small bonito and finally a sailfish.

And then we were blown out for a few more days. What a windy September and October.

With the wind still blowing pretty hard we went for a swordfish with Tom McAndrews on Friday. He only had one day to try to get his final billfish for "all the worlds billfish". With 8 foot seas very close together it was tough, but after a couple of day drops and an hour of night drift, Tom caught and released his 120 pound swordfish and went home victorious.

On Saturday the weather had completely turned around and was very calm. Sandy, David and 8 year old Robert scored with 2 big dolphin, a king, a barracuda, 8 nice vermillion snappers and 20 bluefish.

Robert, Sandy and I with a fine dolphin

Eric and Steve joined us for a few hours Sunday morning and had a great time watching tarpon and snook devour mullet along the jetties at dawn, but they could not buy a bite. Then we caught herring and ran out to the edge in 120 feet of water. The morning passed quickly with steady kingfish action and a mutton snapper. The guys kept 6 kings and released a couple more.
Mark and Dustin fished Tuesday through Thursday and had a variety of good fishing. Tuesday Sandy joined the fun as they caught a dozen kingfish, 10 skipjack tuna to 15 pounds, 2 tuna, a shark and a sailfish.

Wednesday Mark and Dustin caught 10 to 15 pound skipjacks in 500 feet of water with live pilchards, till they were worn out. To spice things up they added two dolphin and a 30 pound wahoo.

Thursday Mark and Dustin added a swordfish tagged and released and a 30 pound escolar to there 3 day total as well as 3 more kings to 20 pounds.

Mark with his wahoo

Saturday Don and Sandy had a ball catching 8 kingfish, 6 cero mackerel, 6 spanish mackerel, 6 bonito and 20 blue runners on small live pilchards in 80 feet of water off Government Cut. On the way home we watched tarpon harass a school of mullet for an hour. It was fun, but it would be better if those tarpon ate a bait now and then.

Swordfish, sailfish and tarpon should thrill anglers through the rest of the year. Kings, dolphin , tuna , spanish mackerel and snapper should fill coolers over the same time. It is prime fishing season. Letís go catch a bunch. should get us together to plan a trip.

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