Sailfish and Tarpon Season is Here

Report Date: December 1, 2010

We just don't seem to keep up with these fishing reports as well as we used to and I apologize for the delay.

Way back in October Dr Ziff and his guest caught 2 kings, 6 spanish mackerel and a yellowtail anchored in 90 feet of water off Government Cut. We then moved into the bay where they caught 6 trout to 4 pounds and a few jacks.

That evening we had a tarpon trip with Morse, Jorge and Eddie from Guatemala. They caught 1 tarpon at Haulover on a mullet and 2 more on shrimp off Miami Beach.

On the 20th Doug, Rick and Mark tagged and released 15 mahi to 8 pounds, a 125 pound swordfish and a 180 pound swordfish. This was a great trip for the anglers, crew and most important the fish.

On the 22nd the great team of Don and Sandy caught 18 spanish mackerel to 7 pounds, 2 mahi, 1 tuna and 2 kings.

On the 25th Dr Ziff fished with us again and caught 6 trout, 2 gray snapper, 6 cero and 6 spanish mackerel. A couple dozen jacks filled the rest of their half day of action.

The 28th we fished with 14 year old Eric, Rene and Juan. they caught a sailfish, 4 mahi from 5 to 12 pounds, 3 kings, 3 blackfin tuna, a big eye tuna, 12 skipjack tuna and 3 bonito.

November got off to a slow start. Preston Wilson fished all day and finally caught 15 mackerel at the bent range.

The 4th and 5th, Peter Kane released a 100 pound swordfish in the daytime. Peter and Dad Tom also caught a sailfish, 2 barracudas and 4 bonito.

The evening of the 4th Dan and Lynn were 4 for 4 on tarpon using live shrimp off South Beach.

On the 11th Dr Ziff and his gang had a crazy 4 hours of fishing. They caught 20 spanish mackerel, 12 skipjack tuna from 10 to 15 pounds, 1 blackfin tuna, 1 king and 6 mahi to 15 pounds.

On the 12th Mike and Mike caught 2 sails and a tuna in 3 hours of the late afternoon.

On the 13th we fished with Jack, 7, and Taren, 9, with their dads for support. They caught 10 mahi, 5 spanish mackerel, a bunch of jacks and assorted snapper and a small grouper.

The 14th we tried for swordfish with Mike and Mike, but had no luck.

On the 15th and 16th we fished with Rob and Rob from England with friends Chris and Craig. They caught a total of 5 tarpon, 4 sailfish, 2 cudas, a king, a mutton snapper and a wahoo.

The 17, 18th and 19th we fished with the great brothers Grabenstein and Larry's sons. They had a great time spending time together and catching 5 sails, 4 mahi, a mutton and 2 kings. For some reason the swordfish and tarpon failed to join the fun.

The 20th Peter and Gary caught 4 sailfish, 2 mutton snappers and 2 barracudas.

The 22nd Marlaina and Dwayne fished the evening trip and caught 3 tarpon of the 7 tarpon that were on for a few minutes or more.

The 23rd Dr Ziff was out with Ron and they caught 9 grouper 15 to 20 inches, 6 gray snappers, 2 spanish mackerel and a mutton snapper in their 4 hours of fishing.

That evening we fished with Ricardo and he caught 5 tarpon.

On the 24th we fished with Martini, Marty and Roberta targeting african pompano to no success. We did catch 4 mutton snappers to 10 pounds, 6 bonito and a 35 pound cobia.

On the 26th we fished with Cal and Marvin. They had to be home by a little after noon, but did score with a sailfish, a black grouper, a big red grouper and a king mackerel.

That evening we fished with Jeff, Bobby and Ethan and they caught 5 tarpon.

On the 27th we fished with Heather Harkavy and her dad Jeff. Heather caught a pending record 8 pound black grouper, a 10 pound scamp grouper, a 40 pound amberjack, a 40 pound almaco jack, a tuna, a 15 pound mutton snapper and a sailfish.

That evening Vince and Frank caught 4 tarpon and a lady fish.

The Della Monicas fished the 28th and 29th catching 4 sailfish, , 3 mahi, 2 kings, a cuda, a shark, 2 mutton snappers, 8 skipjack tuna and a bonito.

The 30th Dr Ziff was back with Ron and they caught 15 spanish mackerel, 6 small kings, 3 nice gray snappers, 2 mutton snappers and a bunch of jacks on their 4 hour bay fishing adventure.

Starting on December 7th on REDISCOVER.MSN.COM I will have the honor of being one of the host for Miami on this series of shows featuring cities around the USA.

We should see real good sailfish action along the edge, swordfish out deep (weather permitting), mackerel and kings near shore and tarpon at night over the next couple of months. To get out and enjoy the action, send me an e-mail at

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