Bimini Blast

Report Date: September 23, 2003

We just got back from another week in Bimini. In our last report, we said we had some cubera snapper and swordfish trips coming up. The cubera snapper were gone from the wrecks and the wind was too strong for swordfish. We had a couple father and son trips that were great before we went to Bimini. On an evening trip the Francis guys caught some barracuda and snook. Then we had a birthday party on the boat and the guest of honor caught a big mutton snapper and a beautiful snow grouper. Both young men aboard caught several almaco jacks and finished the day with a blitz of bonitos.

Our Bimini trip started out as soon as it was apparent that hurricane Isabel was going to miss our area. Sunday afternoon we crossed the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas. We were greeted there by frosty pina coladas. The pace was relaxed and the fishing was a little slow, but it was a vacation after all. We explored new areas where we found slow fishing and tried new methods that were good some of the time and slow at other times. When all was said and done, we caught some pretty neat fish that we rarely catch. We had a couple scumbrop. They should be called black bonefish. They are black, shaped like a bonefish, have nasty teeth, huge eyes and the flesh is thick and tasty. We caught mystic grouper who live 1200 feet below the surface and take a century to grow over a hundred pounds. Off Florida we catch snow grouper in 300 to 500 feet of water. We caught one of them in 1280 feet of water off Bimini. Many bright red queen snapper graced our hooks. Yellow eye snapper were our most common catch. We went yellowtail snapper fishing and had good action. We went sport fishing for sharks and barracuda and wore out all the anglers. We floated over wrecks in 20 feet of water while watching big snapper, permit, turtles and many other finny friends glide through their liquid world.

There were tournament parties every evening where others boasted of the first sailfish caught on their new Dusky boats. Others told of their diving adventures or just swimming off the beach. Our tournament was 25 Dusky owners and their families and friends competing to see who had the most fun. Everyone won!

We got back on Sunday and fished Monday evening. We had a snook trip. We got a 12 pound jack crevalle and 2 snook around 12 to 15 pounds. It is swordfish season. We have several trips booked for the ?gladiator of the sea?. We also have several openings to catch this spectacular fish. Let?s catch ?em

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