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Report Date: March 6, 2011

February was a good month for us as were December and January, but those months are long gone, so let's catch up on the new fishing events.

We started our February fishing down in the Cayman Islands and had a ball. We were down there to participate in their 4th swordfish tournament. The swordfish were slow, but we had great action. We caught 6 yellowfin tuna from 35 to 50 pounds and a 35 pound wahoo, plus a 70 pound shark and a rainbow runner. The neat thing about these fish was that we caught them chunking with pieces of skipjack tuna or shark. That's right we caught several big tuna on chunks of shark meat cut from that 70 pound silky shark we caught right on the spot.

If that wasn't enough of a shock we caught 15 queen snappers a couple days latter and several of them ate shark chunks as well. We sure learn something there. I would have bet those fish would not eat shark meat.

One swordfish was caught and one or two got away. They are trying again this month. If you want a great place to visit and fish some time, try the Cayman Islands. They are great.

Our first local trip in February was on the 9th. We caught 4 sailfish, 4 tuna, 1 king, 1 mahi, 2 mutton snappers, a 60 pound shark and a barracuda fishing with Monique and David.

the 10th we fished with Colin, Tom and Rob. They caught 4 sailfish, 4 tuna, 2 mahi and a king mackerel.

On the 11th Bill joined Colin, Tom and Rob. It was a nice calm day weather wise, but not fish wise. They caught 14 sailfish, 2 tuna and 4 bonito.

That night Joe, Conner, Caldwell and Tony fished with us. Joe and Conner are 11 years old and they each caught 3 tarpon to 90 pounds. These are tough young men.

The 12th we caught 4 sailfish, 4 kings and 4 bonito with Gregg Covin.

The 13th we caught 4 sailfish and a black grouper with Henry Dinardo and his guest.

The 14th we were devoted to fly fishing. We fished with Herb, Red and Rolle. They caught 2 tuna, 1 almaco jack and a 20 pound jack crevalle on fly and lost a tuna and a big jack on fly as well.

We fished with Jreg and his brother for three trips. the first day was a bust. We caught a blue runner and a remora all day. The next night they caught 3 tarpon and 3 snappers. Their final day they caught 3 sailfish, 2 mahi, a skipjack and a barracuda.

We fished a half day with John Corbett and caught 3 sailfish, a mutton snapper and a big vermillion snapper.

Friday night, Feb. 18th we caught 2 tarpon and jumped two more.

Saturday Abie ran the boat and they caught a sailfish, 3 tuna and 6 bonito.

Sunday night 9 year old Sean caught 2 tarpon and jumped another tarpon.

Monday we fished with Ron Lasota and caught 5 sailfish, a king and 6 bonito.

That night we fished with Arlene and her guest and they caught a tarpon and a big jack.

The 22nd we fished with Nick and caught 2 sails and a pile of bonitos. Far too many bonito to keep count.

The 23rd we fished with Milton and his buddies. they caught 3 80 pound tarpon and a couple of snappers.

The 24th we fished with Luis and his guest. They caught 2 sailfish, 20 bonito, 1 cuda and a tuna.

The 25th we started the day hunting tarpon. Joe, Jack and Jay caught a 75 pound tarpon and a 150 pound tarpon and a big red grouper in the inlet and then went offshore to catch 12 bonito, a tuna and another big red grouper. The groupers had to be released.

Dan brought his daughter Amanda and his niece Taylor out that night and the girls caught 3 tarpon and a nice black grouper, a mutton snapper and 4 gray snappers.

John and his guest caught 2 tuna, 2 cudas and a dozen bonito on the 27th.

That evening 9 year old Karston caught 80 and 60 pound tarpon.

The 28th Gregg caught a cuda, a tuna, a bonito and a king.

That evening Keith caught 6 tarpon to 85 pounds.

March 1st the guys from the South Florida Fishing Club caught 2 tarpon and 4 snappers.

March 3rd Cody Lapnow and his college friends caught 6 large schoolie mahi and 35, 24 and 18 pound mahi. They added a cuda, a king and a bonito.

March 4th Pat and Butch caught a tarpon and 2 jacks on the evening trip.

March 5th Tom and his guest caught 2 sailfish, 3 bonito and 15 mahi.

We have entered the 3 best fishing months of the year. We are sold out for March except this week, so if you want to get out fishing when the best action is happening, you should contact us soon.

We are having a seminar on the hot spring fishing along the edge at Dusky Sport Center on Thursday night March 10th. Give them a call at 954-922-8890 for details.

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