The World Traveling Missing Captain

Report Date: July 21, 2011

Hi everybody in fishing land. I owe you all my apologizes for being out of touch for these many months. There is no excuse for my absence.

Evan loves his sharks

Over the last few months I have fished with many great new friends and many great old friends. We have caught world records for length and weight. For women, men, boys and girls. We have had tons of fun.

I have been lucky enough to visit a couple of fabulous countries. Of course I have fished in the good old USA, I have also fished in the Bahamas, Italy and the Cayman Islands.

In the Bahamas we caught loads of yellowtail snappers, a few yellowfin tunas, blackfin tuna, horse eye jacks, amberjacks and our first ever Bahamian goliath grouper. We caught 4 worlds record horse eye jacks in that mix. This was all the week before the 4th of July.

Margherita was my Italian guide

In Italy I flew to Rome and Margharita guided me throughout the city. What a wonderful place. Beautiful people, delicious food and just oozing with history.

I visited the old Rome

Then we ran a 32 foot boat 75 miles to Ventotini, which is an island 10 miles north of Capri. In Ventotini I shared our methods for targeting swordfish with some super fishermen. We went on 3, 4 hour swordfish trips. Each trip allowed for about 2 hours of fishing. One day trip and two evenings. We caught a 50 pound swordfish on the last bait left in the water on the last night. What a thrilling whistle fish.

We also fished a two day swordfish, tuna and spearfish tournament. We only caught one long fin albacore, but we saw several swordfish free jumping. The tournament produced a lot of albacore, several spearfish, some bluefin tuna releases and a daytime trolling swordfish. Several swordfish were lost while trolling during the day. There are a lot of swordfish off western Italy and I look forward to going back for another shot at them. I can't thank Massimo, Domenico, Armondo, Pierpaolo, Nestor and all the other enough for the gracious hospitality.

Abie and I flew to the Cayman Islands in March for the Cayman Swordfish Challenge. We had a slow swordfish event, but we caught mahi, yellowfin tuna, wahoo and queen snappers in good numbers.

We were shocked when Atlee and Dawson were thrilled to catch a 80 pound shark for bait. We could not believe they were going to go through with using cut chunks of shark, tenderized by pounding with the back side of a meat clever, for wahoo and tuna bait. Well they used it and it worked to catch 50 to 70 pound yellowfin tuna. As if this was not enough, two days latter Dawson and I were fishing for queen snapper and Dawson pulled out a piece of the same shark to use for bait. Queen snapper ate every piece of shark we put on a hook. A real shock.

The tournament only produced one swordfish, so the committee decided to hold a swordfish fish off in May. The fish off produced several swordfish and a lot of happy anglers. We look forward to fishing there again in the near future.

Over the last couple of weeks we have caught several mahi to 35 pounds along with good numbers of school sized mahi. We caught a few tuna, including a 12 pound yellowfin trolling lures in 500 feet of water and a blackfin over 30 pounds on a live sardine in 160 feet of water. A few nice mutton snappers have filled out the offshore catches along with a load of bonito and a couple sailfish.

Inshore we have had some good action. We have had trips with as many as 20 snook to 28 pounds. Good action from jack crevalle to 8 or 9 pounds have kept the anglers busy between snook. We have added a couple of tarpon, a cubera snapper and a couple of mutton snappers for spice.

One fine school of mahi

With August looming in the near future we look for a few swordfish, a lot of snook and good bottom fishing in the next month. With a little luck tuna action will be added to the mahi catches. Let's go catch some fun.

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