I forgot half my report

Report Date: January 15, 2012

So we did a "Coastqal Angler" magazine trip to test produts for them om Tuesday.

We combined the Reel Tease 'Gamefish Candy" menhaden oil dispenser with the "Hooker Electric Reel" to capture black beelied rose fish, golden tilefish and grouper. We added some great success with the "Seaqualizer" bottom fish revival system to represurize the grouper and release them.

When the wind came up Friday afternoon we caught a sailfish and then yesterday we caught 3 sailfish and 12 mahi in 200 feet of water with the fresh breeze turning on the fish.

The night fishing has been great too.

The Dorfman boys caught 7 tarpon to 110 pounds Wednesday night along South Beach. Vinny fished alone Thursday night and caught 4 tarpon to 80 pounds, 2 along the beach and 2 in the cut. Then Saturday night Don and Craig caught 4 tarpon a snapper and a grouper in the cut. They caught a double header of tarpon 50 and 70 pounds and called it quits after only 2.5 hours to get home for the big Tebow football game. At least their fishing evening was good.

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