The June Fishing is Hot

Report Date: June 22, 2012

Fishing has been hot the last couple of weeks. Get out there before June comes to an end.

Last Friday we fished a little company tournament. The target was eating fish. We caught 8 mutton snappers, a 21 pound yellow jack, a king fish, a tuna, 15 bonito, 2 almaco jacks and a barracuda.

Saturday we fished with Dr Russell Nelson from TBF. He and his family caught 4 sailfish, a tuna and 2 bonito in 5 hours.

Sunday we had a vertical jigging trip. Cody and Taylor caught 6 big almaco jacks, 2 snow groupers and 12 bonitos. We then switched to fly casting. On fly they caught several big blue runner, a 16 pound bonito and a 8 pound cero mackerel. They finished the day snook fishing. They caught 20 snook. 3 under the slot of 28 inches, 3 in the slot of 28 to 32 inches and 14 over the slot and from 12 to 18 pounds. Most were caught on live pilchards or herring, but one was caught on a rubber plug.

Monday we fished 3 generations of Pierce. They caught 4 sailfish, 5 mahi, 5 mutton snappers, a porgy, a kingfish and 2 bonito.

That night Bruce and Barry caught 3 tarpon from 50 to 120 pounds on live crabs.

Then we lost a couple trips to weather. But Joe Bravo, Olivia and Joelle snuck out between rain storms on Thursday and caught 2 sailfish, a 32 pound kingfish and a barracuda in 4 hours.

Let's go catch some.

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