Summer means Snook and variety fishing

Report Date: July 30, 2012

As June was winding down, so was tarpon fishing. On the 27th we caught 1 tarpon on a crab. Fishing got slow so we added a few jacks and 2 snook Winn and his guest. That was our last big tarpon of the 2012 winter/spring season.

We took the Springer fishing team out the 28th and they caught 4 mutton snappers, 3 sharks, a cuda, a large amberjack, a large almaco jack and a sailfish.

That night Don and Sandy caught a nice mutton snapper, 2 bonito and then moved inshore for 4 snook and 6 big jack crevalles.

On Friday the 29th the Wolford boys scored big with a sailfish, 4 mutton snappers, a cero mackerel, 2 big barracudas, 2 kingfish, a huge trigger fish, a scamp grouper, a bonito, 2 small bonito and 2 big blue runners.

That evening the South Florida Fishing Club took there annual evening fishing trip. They wanted one last shot at the blackfin tuna. They scored with 2 tuna of 30 and 32 pounds, a 9 pound mutton snapper, a bonito, a shark, a barracuda and a ocean tally,

Sunday July first we had 2 swordfish bites during the day, but failed to hookup. We did catch 2 of three big mahi while swordfishing. We moved inshore and caught a nice mahi, 2 mutton snappers, a big yellowtail snapper and a 35 pond kingfish.

July started very tough. We started with an amberjack and 2 bonitos offshore and then 3 small barracudas in the inlet. It was a half day, and they can make it hard to score.

To make things worse, we went for swordfish that night. We caught two night sharks over 80 pounds each. No swordfish bites for the night.

July 5th we had an all day trip. Don and Sandy caught a wahoo, 4 big triple tails, 2 mahi, 4 almaco jacks and had a ball catching bonitos on mlight tackle.

That night Terry caught 12 snook, a jack and a barracuda in the inlet.

July 6th we had some young men. They caught a sailfish, 5 tuna and 6 bonito. We were having a slow day till we went to trolling with small lures and diving plugs. All the tuna and 3 bonito were caught trolling.

Mark's sandbar shark

Mark fished with us on the 7th. He wanted big fish. And he caught them. He caught 1 of 2 sailfish, a 90 inch hammerhead shark, a 84 inch sandbar shark, 20 bonito and a kingfish.

That night we fished with some students from the Pace High School Fishing Club. Katlin, Michelle and Gabriel caught 16 snook, a barracuda, a black grouper and a jack.

The evening of the 9th we fished with Jake, Austin and Luke with their grandfather. They caught a sailfish, 2 nice kingfish, 2 bonito and a barracuda.

The 10th Don and Sandy caught a kingfish, 6 snook, a barracuda, a yellowtail and a mangrove snapper.

On Friday the 13th we caught 30 small mahi, an almaco jack, a hammerhead shark and 3 bonito. With the Bachelor Party headaches, some of the guys were not fishing very hard.

Ron had a great variety on Saturday with a sailfish, 40 pound wahoo, 18 pound kingfish, 6 bonito and two 25 inch mahi all while kite fishing on the edge.

The Adam gang dinner

That night Adam brought his son and neighbors. They want fish for a dinner the next day. They scored with 2 nice mutton snapper, a big porgy, a tuna, a 14 pound red snapper, a shark and a bonito.

Sunday the 15th 11 year old Leah could only handle a half day. She smiled all the way home with a nice mutton snapper, 2 kingfish and 4 bonito.

Leah and her mutton

The 17th we fished half a day and caught 3 amberjack, 3 almaco jacks, a kitty mitchell grouper(no harvest allowed) a bonito and 2 kingfish.

The 18th Ralph brought 3 young men. They caught a big amberjack, a barracuda, 3 bonito, 2 kingfish, a scamp grouper, a big yellow eye snapper, a big vermillion snapper, 2 almaco jacks and 2 very small mahi.

The evening of the 20th Roger Diaz and 2 Mikes caught 10 snook, 4 jacks and jumped two tarpon.

The 22nd the weather was horrible. Lots of rain and more wind than Brian Fives group could enjoy. They caught a big tuna and a 120 pound hammerhead shark before the kite got rained out. They added a nice kingfish and we headed in at 10 AM.

The rain cleared the winds dropped and we headed back offshore at 5 PM. For 2 hours we had no bites so we headed for the inlet. There Conner caught 6 snook and a jack, Garrett caught a jack and a tarpon and their father Dan caught a jack.

The 23rd we went back out for night time swordfish, but with high winds and rough seas, all we caught was 3 night sharks of 40,100 and 150 pounds.

The 24th I fished with my good friend Matt Tambor and his son Tyler. We only fished about an hour. They caught about a dozen snook. They were biting so fast we lost count. I even caught a snook. They really had to be thick for that to happen.

The 25th We searched far and wide for mahi. We found a big log about 20 miles offshore and caught 5 nice mahi and 2 nice triple tails. We missed a couple more mahi and they quit biting. Back on the edge we caught 2 bonito, an amberjack and a almaco jack.

The Frederico family and Mark Sosin

The 28th we fished the inlet in the evening with the Frederico group and Mark Sosin. Mark was our saving grace as the first 2 hours only produced a big barracuda. But then the fish turned on. We finished the evening with 16 nice big snook.

August is upon us. It is a month for cubera snappers, snook, swordfish and mutton snappers. With the hot summer sun, it is wise to plan your trips for evenings at this time. We have lots of openings, so letís go catch some fish, Bouncer

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