Tough fishing

Report Date: October 6, 2003

What a week. We had some very tough fishing lately. When we got back from Bimini, we suffered a week of fall slump. We had one trip all week and it was an evening snook trip. We did catch a couple nice fish. We had snook of 12 and 16 pounds and a 12 pound jack crevalle. We tried to go sword fishing, but northerly winds made that a no go. We ran three day trips over the last week and it would be better if we could forget them. We had guest in from out of town and they were hoping for some of the tarpon or sailfish that make south Florida famous. We would finish each day with a couple small king mackerel, maybe a bonito or two and for something big enough to fight we would catch an amberjack on one wreck or another.

If we were fishing for dinner it could have been a better week. My mate Ron fished a couple wrecks in the afternoons and each time the vermilion snapper were snapping. They would catch their limit in short order. Last night we had a trip from 5 to 9. It was set up as a introduction to fishing for an eight year old girl. We anchored on a wreck in 95 feet of water and put out 2 top lines and 2 lines on the bottom. In about 2 hours we caught 12 kings from 3 to 6 pounds ( kings must be 24 inches), several rainbow runners, some blue runners and a nice mutton snapper. None of these fish would warrant coming to Florida for a fishing trip. But they sure were great for fast action and good eating. I could imagine what a guy could have done with a fly rod there last night with those kings.

It?s fall. That means fishing changes daily. A couple boats caught sailfish over the weekend and we are getting a strong north wind for a couple days. All this means that We may see a bunch of sailfish or another push of bait and game fish migration this week. We?ll be out there on Bouncer?s Dusky 33 to catch ?em, I hope you will.

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