Hot August Fishing

Report Date: August 24, 2012

We took a great vacation to Georgia for a few days in August. Fishing with 4 year old Jamie and 2 year old Lou we learned that bream like worms. I confirmed that kids like watermelon and mud. Not mixed together though.

When we got back, Captain Matt and Tyler were waiting to do a little afternoon fishing. They scored with several amberjack and a nice king mackerel.

Andrew caught his first and second sails

August 17th was the day for Andrew and his family to get out fishing. The first catch of the day was Andrew’s first sailfish ever. Next came 25 mahi off a big board in 400 feet of water. Then Andrew caught his second sailfish ever. We added a huge bonito and then headed offshore where we caught another 25 mahi. We tagged and released 37 mahi and brought some home for dinner. Way to go Andrew.

The 18th we went hunting for a big mahi, and struck out. We did catch, tag and release 25 mahi.

The 19th Raphael, 13 and Nicholas, 12 caught 2 african pompano, 2 mutton snappers, a yellow jack, a bonito and 1 out of 6 spinner sharks they hooked.

Both Boys caught African Pompano

That afternoon Tyler wanted to catch some 2 foot sharks. Well he scored big with 4 paddlehead sharks, 4 nurse sharks, a big houndfish and a toad fish.

Our next trip was Thursday the 23rd. The morning trip was with Robert, Tatianna, Bobby and Anna. They caught 12 bonito, 18 and 35 pound king mackerel, an almaco jack and a 25 pound wahoo.

Robert caught this huge king

That evening Tom, Sherry and their two boys caught a bonito, a king mackerel, a 15 pound tuna and then retreated to the inlet. At the inlet we caught 6 snook to almost 30 pounds.

Tom's snook was close to 30 lbs

As you can see, August has produced great fishing. Issac is huffing and puffing, but he will soon pass and we are ready to take you out for some good fishing.

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