Great Fish of August and September

Report Date: September 22, 2012

Late August and September 22, 2012

Late August and September the hardest thing to find is a client to go fishing. Thatís a shame because we catch some great fish at this time.

August 30th we were one day ahead of the full moon and it was prime cubera snapper season. We loaded up with Marty and Martini Arostegui, some heavy tackle and $250 worth of live lobsters and headed out as evening approached.

The first drop of the evening Martini caught a potential IGFA length world record cubera snapper of about 50 pounds and 116 centimeters.

Over the next several hours we caught a total of 7 cubera snapper, the toughest bottom fish alive. Our last of 24 lobsters was on Martyís hooks and had died. We though we should give Marty one more chance to catch the last cubera.

75 lb Cubera Snapper caught by Marty

He hooked up and I was sure he was stuck on the bottom as I pulled away from the fish. Marty was sure he was being puller overboard. When I stoped the boat and line continued to scream from the reel, I was sure he had a big shark. About 10 minutes latter I was reminded why cubera snapper are considered the toughest of the bottom fish when Martyís approximate 75 pound and measured 130 centimeter cubera snapper came to the surface. And that was our last bait.

When Captain Matt Tambor saw the pictures in the morning he said he had to go that next night. His son Tyler and bait man Frank and Ron Cook joined the party. Oh Ya, we brought $250 worth of live lobsters as guest of honor.

The bite was slower, but we had plenty of time to try new rigs. This produced a better catch rate. W fished 18 lobsters and caught 9 cubera snappers. The catch of the night was not the 50 pounders that Matt and Ron caught, but the 33.5 pound small fry menís world record that 10 year old Tyler caught.

Tyler's World record Cubera Snapper

2 nights, 17 cubera snappers and 3 world records, now that is some great fishing.

Saturday we went for swordfish. They eluded us but we caught 12 and 28 pound mahi and 2 night sharks with Jason and Loretta.

Jason's Big Bull Mahi

Sunday we missed a swordfish and caught 7 mahi and a skipjack tuna.

That night our guest caught 2 snook and a tarpon.

Tuesday night we fished the guys of Lighthouse Point Saltwater Sportsman Association and the caught 2 legal snook and 2 oversized snook.

Thursday we fished with a couple from Norway and a couple of guys from IGFA. They had a potpourri of 2 mahi, an amberjack, a scamp grouper, a mutton snapper, 3 almaco jacks and a silky shark.

Saturday we had a evening charter with Wesley and his guest. We fished offshore for a while and caught a 80 pound sailfish, 14 pound mahi, 25 pound amberjack, almaco jack, big yelloweye snapper and stopped at the inlet and caught a small snook.

Then we were off to Bimini for the Dusky Owners Bimini Bash. We fished Monday and our guest caught a load of yellowtail and gray snappers, volumes of huge blue runners and assorted other action fish.

Tuesday we filled the fish box with yelloweye snappers, queen snappers, Popeye snappers and a Bahamian snapper.

Wednesday was a blowout.

Thursday we caught a great variety of snappers, groupers, black jack and triggers. There was a whole lot of laughing going on.

Friday we failed to find a marlin, but we found some lobsters in the afternoon.

And our final day we caught some huge queen snappers with Chris, Diana and Mike.

Chris and Diana big Queen Snapper

We fished back in Miami the 21st for 4 hours. We caught a couple king mackerel, a hammerhead shark and a barracuda. We had a tough morning losing 2 fish for every one we caught.

Some of the years best fishing is over the next couple of months. Big mullet runs full of tarpon, bluefish and giant ladyfish, solid schools of mackerel, kingfish, bigger mahi closer to shore, swordfish migrating south for the winter, grouper moving onto local wrecks and sailfish coming home for the winter. Letís go catch a bunch

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