Billfish Season Arrives

Report Date: November 7, 2012

We started October with a couple days of shooting a show for Sport Fishing TV. We caught a couple amberjack and 3 cobia anchored up. Then along came the brute. A big bull shark ate our bait and beat host, John Brownlee and I up bad. Just leadering this monster wore me out for the whole afternoon.

Day two fishing was real slow. We caught a small king or two and late in the day we caught several small tuna. This was a tough shoot.

Of course the next day we caught 3 tuna and a sailfish in the morning. That afternoon we caught 3 bonito, a king and a tuna on the first drift. The kids were getting sick so we headed for the bay.

The bay was red hot. We caught 15 trout, 20 jacks, bluefish, snapper, blue runners and houndfish till everyone was worn out.

Saturday the 6th we went late day and evening swordfish hunting. We caught a 150 pound night shark and a 75 pound swordfish during the evening part of the trip.

On the 10th we fished with Roberto from Italy and Rob Krammer from IGFA . We caught a 200 pound bull shark, 80 pound hammerhead shark, 4 almaco jacks, 1 mahi, 2 small sharks, 6 king mackerel and a bonito.

On the 12th we fished with 12 year old Lucas, his uncle Al and Steve. Winds were from the north and the current was running into the wind. This produced good fishing with 7 mahi to 25 pounds, 2 small sharks, 2 barracuda and a sailfish.

Lucas caught his first sail with Uncle Al

The next day the current quit and the fish shut off with the current. We finally went bay fishing where action was great for our two young anglers, Benjamin, 11 and Michael, 14. They caught 15 trout, 2 spanish mackerel, 3 bluefish, 2 ladyfish and 20 jacks.

Monday we fished half a day catching 3 mahi, 2 grouper and a mutton snapper.

Tuesday the 16th we fished with from people from the middle East. They caught 3 amberjacks from 25 to 45 pounds, a small almaco jack, 40 pound African pompano, 8 pound mutton snapper, 12 pound black grouper and a kingfish. They even made it home for lunch.

The next day we were not so lucky. We lost two swordfish ad close as 50 feet from the boat and did boat a 50 pound oilfish.

Ben's swordfish got away but he got this oilfish

The 19th we caught 4 kingfish and 2 amberjacks anchored on a wreck. Then we went offshore to 260 feet of water and caught a tuna and a shark.

The 20th we went for swordfish. We caught 6 mahi to 12 pounds, but no swordfish bites.

Javier, Gustav and Tim were very late starters. We fished from 3 to 7 PM catching 2 sailfish, 2 mahi and a kingfish.

Dawn and Bill showed up to a fresh NE wind about 20 knots. They caught 3 sailfish, 2 mahi, a mutton snapper and red grouper.

That evening we took out 8 year old Anthony, his buddy Ricky and Anthonyís mom. It was hot action with solid trout to 18 inches, a big ladyfish and a jack.

Anthony had a ball catching trout

The 24th we got out ahead of Sandy the monster storm. Rene and Eric caught 2 sailfish, 2 skipjack tuna, a mahi, a small kingfish and a jack.

That was the end of October fishing with loads of wind and huge seas.

November 2nd we got out for the first time since the weather. Chris and Buckley caught 3 sailfish, 3 sharks and 2 barracuda.

November 3rd we fished with Laura, Stephen and Kevin. They caught a 250 pound swordfish, missed a second and finally caught a second swordfish about 75 pounds that we tagged and released.

Laura enjoyed catching this 250lb swordfish

Our last trip of this report we fished a morning half. There was no wind and a strong north current. We fished really hard to come up with 2 small almaco jacks, a small skipjack tuna and a small shark.

With more northerly winds the sailfish will get better and better. They should bring some mahi, kings, bottom fish and tarpon along for the fun. Letís go catch some. Contact me at 305-439-2475 or

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