A May to Remember

Report Date: June 1, 2013

May offered some great fishing trips. We had a lot of good weather, but ended with terrible weather.

Frates caught a lot of big fish

May 1st is the opening of grouper season. Our first bait was taken by a 25 pound gray grouper. We made three drops and caught 3 keeper groupers. Over the day we added a big kingfish, a 40 pound amberjack, a small grouper and 2 bonito.

On May 5th we had a good day of sailfish. Although the wind was light and the current was running south, we caught 5 sailfish on 10 bites. We also caught 8 and 35 pound kingfish and 10 bonito.

A variety of dinners

The Grabenstein brothers caught 4 gray groupers, 2 big muttons, a kingfish and 5 cobia bottom fishing on May 7th.

We shot a show with Don Dingman the next day. Fishing was slow, but Donís guest Hunter and Austin caught 2 gray groupers, a scamp grouper, a red grouper, 2 huge amberjacks , an almaco jack and a bonito. Donís show features fishing with young anglers and he does a great job.

On the 14th we caught 3 sailfish, a 35 pound bull mahi, a 18 pound cow mahi, 4 big bonito, a kingfish and 2 snook. But I forgot my young anglers names with leaving for Bimini an hour after their trip.

Pat caught several cudas on fly

In 3 days of fishing Bimini in the Bahamas we caught a bunch of yellowtail snappers, sharks up to an 11 foot hammerhead, barracudas on fly, spin and bait, assorted jacks cobia and a 35 pound kingfish.

In the Miami Dolphins tour we fished with Paul Castronovo and his friends. We caught a sailfish, a kingfish, a big cero mackerel, a dozen mahi and a 24 pound tuna.

The 22nd we caught a skipjack tuna, 2 bonito, 2 small red groupers, 4 school sized mahi and 44 and 50 inch cow mahi.

On the 24th we had a charter with Harry Falk and his 14 year old son Michael. Michael planned this trip for a year. He wanted the catch a swordfish, a big tuna, a grouper and a tarpon in one day.

Michael had big plans that worked

We started with the swordfish. 2 Hours into the trip and the fish is in the boat. Then we ran back inshore and it only took about 30 minutes of fishing to catch a 30 pound tuna and Harry caught a mutton snapper. Michael said we were so far ahead of schedule we should add a snook to our goals. It took till 1:30 to catch a grouper. Then we ran to the dock, picked up our crabs for tarpon bait and rigged the rods for snook and tarpon. Catching a snook took about 30 or 40 minutes. Then about 4 PM we released a 100 pond tarpon and our goals were completed. What a day!!

The 26th we caught 5 tuna, a 35 pound kingfish, a sailfish, 2 mahi, 2 mutton snapper, a yellow jack and a bonito with Zach and David. That night the Orvieto family caught 5 tuna a sailfish and a huge barracuda.

And the winds blew into June.

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