Great June Fishing

Report Date: June 16, 2013

What a Week!

Last Saturday Helena, 5 took her daddy, David fishing for his birthday. Mom, Alison came along for fun and laughs. They had a ball going fast and catching trout, jacks, snappers and loads of pinfish. What a great birthday party.

Helena with her trout

Monday night we went tarpon fishing at Government Cut. We caught 3 tarpon and had another 8 bites on live crabs. Andrew, Bob and Tom had a great time.

Tuesday we cashed in on Miami fishing. Red snapper season is closed in Federal waters, but they are legal in state waters. We caught 3 snapper from 15 to 17 pounds in 3 drops. We added a gray grouper, a big kingfish and a bonito before the group of Louise, Alex and Curtis ran out of gas from all night parties and a long drive from the west coast.

Tuesday evening we fished with Children Battling Cancer young lady Vitoria and her dad Oscar. They caught and released 3 nice snook and a barracuda.

Wednesday it was off to catch a swordfish with John from London England. We caught, tagged and released a 55 inch swordfish one drop and caught and harvested a 70 inch swordfish the next drop. All this after no bites from 8 AM to 1PM.

John caught two swordfish

Thursday evening we caught 3 tarpon on 3 bites from 8 to 9 PM.

Friday we fished the edge and caught a sailfish, a kingfish, a tuna, a shark, a grey grouper, a coney grouper, 3 bonito and 9 mutton snappers with Markum and Jack.

That night we fished with Children Battling Cancer victor Pharoh and his mom and brothers. The weather beat us , but not before Pharoh caught a 14 lb snook.

Saturday fishing was slow, but quality was pretty good. Larry and his grandsons John and Robert caught a sailfish, a skipjack tuna, 3 bonito, a barracuda, a small mutton snapper and a 45 pound cobia.

Larry and grandsons with big cobia

That evening the best scholastic students in the Pace High School fishing club joined us for an evening of inlet fishing. Manny, Austin and Austin caught a tarpon, a barracuda, 3 jacks and 10 snook. That makes a great evening.

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