Bottom fishing

Report Date: October 14, 2003

Fishing stays at rock bottom. Another tough week has ended. We started the week with a tarpon trip that produced one tarpon of about ten pounds and a bunch of jack crevalle from 1 to 12 pounds. That was followed by 3 swordfish trips cancelled due to weather. An afternoon tarpon trip produced two lost tarpon, a ladyfish and a couple jacks. When we finally got in a swordfish trip, it produced nothing but a lot of rock and roll.

We fished the last three days. We resorted to bottom fishing to produce some pretty good action as well as some great eating. Saturday we got a 17 pound American red snapper. This was the first caught aboard my boat in 40 years as a full time professional fisherman. We also got a nice grouper, a mutton snapper and a big barracuda. Sunday we had a couple wonderful young anglers that caught a boat load of amberjacks, almaco jacks, porgy, snapper and other bottom dwellers. Monday had been chartered strictly for bottom fishing, and it even got better. We had ten grouper to 12 pounds, gray tiles, assorted jacks, assorted snapper and some others we didn?t even know the names of.

We had one more swordfish trip, but the bananas got us. We caught a night shark around 90 pounds. Around 10:30, as the anglers got restless, I ask if anyone brought a banana. All laughed and assured me that no bananas were aboard. At about 11 we hooked a good sized swordfish. We fought it for about ten minutes. Suddenly the line broke. We could not understand how 80 pound line breaks with 11 pounds of drag. While cleaning up the boat, back at the dock, the cause was found. A couple of our guest spoke no English, and one had brought a bag of snacks. While cleaning the boat, I found the bag of snacks, complete with a bag of plantain chips, first cousin to bananas. We all know how those bananas effect fishing.

Fishing has got to get better, it?s reached the bottom and fall is upon us. There are lots of openings this time of year and sailfish, swordfish and all the rest are being pushed this way by cooler water. Let?s go catch ?em.

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