I Love December Fishing

Report Date: December 21, 2015

I love December fishing. This week we caught several sailfish from 10 to 80 pounds. They were mostly caught on herring from the kite or a few on flatlines when the winds were light. We only caught a couple mahi through the week.

Arthur with his 80 pound sailfish. Tagged and released

Our clients were big bottom fishing fans. John, from Turkey liked the dependable action for his guest. They caught numerous big amberjacks and some grouper. On their last trip they added a huge shark.

Turkish angler with amberjack tagged for release

Ron wanted to target grouper in honor of his father, who talked about them, but never got to fish for them. His trip produced a big african pompano, a nice mutton snapper, three black groupers to 29 pounds, several kingfish, a couple bonito, a tuna and his last catch of the day was a sailfish.

Ron's big African pompano

Marty and Martini want some kingfish to smoke. They had non-stop action for over an hour resulting in loosing count of how many were caught, at least a dozen. Then we needed a grouper for Martini's sister for dinner. We trolled about 45 minutes and caught a 15 pound black grouper and a 8 pound red grouper. This action took place using number 4 and 6 planers followed by ballyhoo rigged on 9/0 3412 hooks under 8 inch lures.

Martini with his black grouper trolled up on ballyhoo and lure

We were not done. We anchored on one more wreck and caught a black grouper on a pinfish, 4 snappers on small live pilchards, and as requested at the days start, a blackfin tuna. this required removing all the leader and fishing a small pilchard on a small hook tied straight to the 20 pound line.

Our other great feature this week was an evening of tarpon fishing. Rigged with 50 pound leader and 7/0 VMC circle hooks on 20 pound spinners, we baited up with live shrimp and fished off Miami Beach. By the end of the evening we had released 5 tarpon to 80 pounds, boated 5 ladyfish for future bait and caught about 10 snapper, keeping a couple for dinner.

Forecast: You better hurry up and catch those grouper because the season closes on January one. Look for even better sailfish action for months to come. Mackerel fishing will be best on the outgoing tide. It should stay OK for a few more weeks, and then slow till another rush in March. Tarpon should thrill anglers every night through June.

Capt. Bouncer Smith

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