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Report Date: January 12, 2016

So far it has been a fun year for fishing.

The last few days of 2015 we caught a few nice groupers and quite a few sailfish.

We started 2016 with numerous sailfish found in very dirty water with very light winds. Then when we expected better action with northerly winds, the sailfishing got slower. After a couple of trying trips, the fish showed up and live ballyhoo on flatlines produced 5 sailfish in a couple hours. It was too good to be true.

The next couple of days were too rough to fish.

We had a great event the first weekend of the year. We had a father and son team fishing Saturday and they caught 1 of 3 sailfish. The night fishing had been so slow for several nights, that I highly suggested a movie instead of fishing for Sunday night. They were not buying it. They said getting skunked was better than watching movies.

We loaded up with live shrimp and pinfish and headed out after a heavy rain storm. What a shock it was to have my best winter snook fishing ever. They caught 9 snook 14 to 18 pounds and another about 10 pounds. We all had a blast.

Another couple super days were spent with the Lapnows from Connecticut. They are vertical jigging fanatics. Over two days they caught about 80 fish from 5 pound tuna to 30 pound groupers, as well as 50 pound amberjacks and a total of 17 species.

Just yesterday we had a great day anchor fishing with live pilchards and pinfish. Jose and Rita invited Max and Dodi to join them for some fishing fun. They caught 4 kingfish, 5 bonitos, 5 amberjacks, 3 tuna, a mutton snapper and a 5 pound mangrove snapper. They were proud to release their sailfish, but broken hearted when they had to release 3 black grouper . You have to wait till May first to keep any of the shallow water grouper species again.

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