Grouper and Birthday Snook

Report Date: October 20, 2003

What a beautiful weekend! It was a combination of great weather and good fishing. Sunday we went bottom fishing with a couple of brothers, who have fished with me for years. They have talked of catching snowy groupers for years, and it finally came to happen. We were supposed to go sword fishing Friday and Saturday nights. Friday night we tried for swordfish, but the rolling seas got one fellow seasick before the lines were in the water, then the rain came and the lightning soon followed. We gave that up quick. The Saturday night trip was cancelled due to the charter being very sick. This left Sunday open. I called the Cotrone boys, and ask if they wanted to catch that snowy grouper, and they were ready to go.

We left the dock with plenty of cut bonito for dead bait. A stop at a buoy gave us a live well full of blue runners and speedos. We fished wrecks and rock piles from 275 to 475 feet deep. The trip produced several vermillion snappers, too many almaco jacks, numerous gray tilefish, a couple very rare cardinal snapper and 5 snowy grouper up to a little over 10 pounds.

Last night we had three generations of Richard Chase celebrating Ricky chase?s eighth birthday. He wanted a snook. Not any snook, but a legal snook. That means the snook must be between 26 and 34 inches. The trip started with catching live sardines, herring and pinfish. Then we moved up to jacks and ladyfish in the first snook spot. Just after dark we missed on snook and had another cut our leader in some pilings. Then it happened. Ricky got a 30 inch and very fat snook. A few minutes later Ricky scored again with a 27 inch snook. We tried a couple more spots, but no more fish. I guess, once Ricky got his snook, the fish went off to celebrate.

With daylight savings time ending this Sunday, we will be offering 5 hour swordfish trips again. Bouncer?s Dusky 33 is ready to make your fishing a success. Let?s go catch ?em.

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