Spring into hot fishing

Report Date: April 1, 2016

The last couple weeks have been great for us.
We went to the Cayman Islands for the 10th annual Cayman Islands Swordfish Challenge. A dozen boats fished from Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. They fished 10 AM to 10 PM on Friday and Saturday night.
Captain Tom Guyton and his crew aboard More Time caught three swordfish up to 220 pounds to take top honors.
We fished with scientist from Florida, Grand Cayman and England to place a satellite tag in a healthy 61 inch lower jaw to fork of tail length swordfish. Now we wait a year to learn where this swordfish travels. Lead scientist Travis Moore from Nova Southeastern University and Gray fish tag research will let us know the results.
We returned to Miami Beach to a hot run of mahi and sailfish winding down as winds dropped on our arrival back home. We had some very good catches of kingfish, bonito, mutton snapper and amberjacks.
This past Monday evening we did a tarpon trip with Nichole, her father Howard and friend Matt. After a slow first hour we found the fish. In a little over 2 hours we caught 4 tarpon to 120 pounds, jumped two more and added 4 ladyfish for spice.
Then Tuesday we had Larry and his grandsons Robert and John out for the day. They started slow as well, catching one kingfish in a couple of hours. But then life changed. The guys finished the day with 9 sailfish releases plus a dozen bonito.
As if that wasnít enough great fishing, took Rufus out Tuesday night to try for a swordfish on fly. The wind killed the chances of a swordfish on fly. But we did have three swordfish attack our teasers to prove the swordfish were out there.
The next three months are the best of the year. Donít wait to plan your trip, we are filling up.

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