April Fishing Action

Report Date: April 21, 2016

We have had a great ten days of fishing...

We had a night trip when we caught a big tarpon on a shrimp and then schools of mullet crashed the party. When the seas settled down a few hours later, we had caught 5 big tarpon and about 15 jack crevalle to 48 inches.

We had a trip with ten mahi over 42 inches in two hours, a 35 pound kingfish, a 25 pound jack and 2 sailfish.

Big kingfish run thru May

And then there was THE DAY. Blakely, Mike and Tommy had limited out on big kingfish, so I moved out deeper. We broke the leader on a sailfish and caught a nice sized mahi.

Then we hooked another sailfish. It didn't jump at first. Then it did a series of crazy jumps. Next it raced to the west of us. Huge boils started coming to the surface. Abie and I both realized something was strange and voiced our thoughts. Blakely activated his phone camera. Two seconds later this 500+ pound mako shark burst from the ocean with our sailfish in his jaws.

Big mako ate our sailfish

We baited the mako with a piece of sailfish. He ate it immediately and we got to fight him for about 30 minutes. We got our second jump and had him close enough to gaff or harpoon, buy chose not to kill him.

We caught, tagged and released several more nice mahi that day, one of which was recaptured five days later in Islamorada.

Yesterday nine year old Jackson was running our cockpit. We caught and tagged 5 big mahi and 4 cobia. We also harvested a big mahi and three cobia to 30 pounds. Jackson was proudest of his two remora and his fat bonito.

Mahi tagged for release

One of Jackson's cobia

Tagging is fun! You should get involved. We tag a lot of billfish with Billfish Foundation tags and had a couple recaptures last week. The tag with dolphin research tags and had 3 recaptures this week. And we tag for Gray Fishing Tags and had several amberjacks and a grouper recaptured this month. Join the fun.

Mutton snapper falls for grouper bait

Big blackfin tuna best in May and June

Grouper season opens on May first. Let's make some plans to catch yours.

Capt. Bouncer Smith

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