Big Boy Bites

Report Date: August 12, 2016

Boy! August is off to a great start for catches, but we are sitting at the dock too much.

Last Sunday we had a swordfish trip. When our bite came, it was so powerful we thought we had hung the bottom.

Nope, it was moving and we were hooked up. Two and a half hours later we finally got to meet the huge swordfish that had swallowed our Bait Masters squid. This swordfish was 98.5 inches from the tip o0f the lower jaw to the fork of the tail. It was 146 inches overall. We are confident that it was about 400 pounds with it's huge girth at the belly, but slim tail. Mohamed finally got his big swordfish. Captains Tony and Josh did a great job on every move.

Big swordfish

Then yesterday we had some great young men out. All long time friends on a fishing reunion after their freshman year at 5 different colleges. Off to a quick start, they caught a bonito and a sailfish on the first drift. Catching numerous bonito, a couple kingfish and barracudas, a tuna and an almaco jack, they finish the day with a second sailfish to make the day.

Another sail


It has been a great summer for swordfish, sailfish and tuna, but we all want to know where the mahi have gone. Will they show up tomorrow?

Red snapper

Look for lots of small tuna in 200 to 800 feet of water over the next couple of months. We are closing in on the best swordfish time of the year. Vermillion, mangrove and yellowtail snappers are in prime time over the coming weeks. Let's get out and catch some.

Capt. Bouncer Smith

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