Fish Like it Rough

Report Date: June 1, 2017

Spring and early summer are our favorite time to fish. Climate change has caused much rougher weather, but fish like it rough.

We have had a great tuna season. There have been far more yellowfin tuna than any year since 1989. More giant bluefin tuna have swum through our baits than I have ever seen or heard of. And finally, the blackfin tuna have been good all winter and spring.

Sailfish action has been fairly good. Mahi have been unpredictable, but that's how mahi travel.

Kingfish have been much better this year than the last couple of years. All sizes have been promising.

The last week of April was the end of the closed grouper season, and of course we caught black and gag groupers daily. May first the grouper season opened and the groupers stopped biting. We have caught a few nice black grouper since then.

We have had a very good mutton snapper season.

A good example of how fishing has been was Sunday. Vince and Natalia came from Las Vegas. Vince hauled his jigging tackle and a ton of Pacific Ocean lures with him.

He caught a big jack crevalle, a real nice kingfish and a cobia on his lures. He had another real big fish on the metal, but pulled the hook.

He and Natalia also caught 2 big jack crevalle , a big amberjack, a couple kingfish, a black grouper and a big blackfin tuna on live baits.

That night the staff of Hooker Electric reels and pumps caught 4 tarpon in just 3 hours.

We look forward to some great swordfish trips as well as another month of tunas and sailfish.

Hopefully the mahi will keep us busy all summer.

Capt. Bouncer Smith

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