Waiting for March

Report Date: February 26, 2018

We always try to share great fishing reports on these pages, but it is important to share the truth with our readers.

We had some refreshing cold weather in early January and thought this would bring us some historically good sailfish action. WRONG. We were lucky if we caught a couple in a day. We are still waiting for our sailfish action. The good news is that the sailfish should still come to town to prepare for and spawn from March through early June.


We donít expect many mahi this time of year, and we are right on target. Now, will the Big mahi follow their history and appear in March?

This has been a stellar swordfish winter, with catches over 5 Fish on a boat in a day happening repeatedly. We havenít had a swordfish Charter and fishable weather on the same day through the whole run.

And now the good news, we had some great tarpon action this winter. The warm weather lately has slowed this action, but we still average 2 tarpon catches per evening, as well as a few day time catches of these great fish.


We have also caught a lot of mutton snappers, groupers to tag and release, amberjacks and assorted other snapper species.

Mutton snapper

Grey grouper

Black grouper

March is coming! Look for better action on sailfish, mahi, kingfish and tarpon. History claims they will all be biting better in March.

Capt. Bouncer Smith

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