March Delivers Good Fishing

Report Date: March 22, 2018

Thank you March! We finally have some good fishing. And how about the cool weather as well.

We have had some good sailfish days. Last week we caught 5 one day for two young boys. We also caught two on a first anniversary.

Take your kids fishing

We had some great snapper fishing on days with slow current. The guys caught 6 red snapper one morning and 5 Big mutton snappers another day. Several big grouper have been tagged and released.

Big mutton snapper for Benjamin

A big gag grouper release for Grayson

We caught this domine in Cayman

We finally got a chance to cash in on the great swordfish season south Florida has enjoyed this winter. Yesterday we caught one out of four bites. Today we boated a fat 72 inch Fish estimated at 180 pounds and tagged and released its twin.

Swordfish lights up

Estimated 180 lb. swordfish

We look forward to great sailfish and Tarpon action over the next two months. Kingfish, tuna and mahi should be more common. If we get the weather, then get out and enjoy this special swordfish season

Capt. Bouncer Smith

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