Hot Action on Light Tackle

Report Date: December 12, 2003

Today was a day of fishing that merits a special report. Don and Sandy Blake chartered us for the day, in an effort to add some angling points to their annual tournament score as well as spend another day doing what they love, fishing together. Things started a little rough. A sailfish knocked the bait off one hook, another sailfish ate a bait and the 8 pound line fouled around the reel and broke. Then a kingfish got off. My assistant captain, Ron, said a home made cookie snack would end the trouble. After sandy?s home made cookies were passed around the fishing got a whole lot better.

A kingfish on 6 pound test caught and released got things started. A energetic little sail ate the bait on an 8 pound outfit. He put on a great show before a good release. That little sail was soon followed by a full size 40 to 50 pound sail caught and released on 12 pound tackle. The kingfish action became steady. Sandy was desperate to qualify for the club spin championship. She had 9 fish on spinning tackle, using artificial lures cast and retrieved. Sandy needed one more to qualify. A kingfish of 28 inches or more would put her on the board. Don added a black grouper release on 8 pound test. Sandy got an 8 pound king on 12 pound line. Sandy hooked a good fish on spin. The fight lasted several minutes. The hook pulled without anyone even knowing what kind of fish it was. Sandy?s jig and rubber tail is eaten half way to the surface. Her drag screams as line rushes from her reel. The fish has gotten into some bottom structure. It must be a grouper. Jerk the rod, pull harder, try anything. She has to get him out of the bottom. Try giving him slack. Open the bail and give him free line. Close the bail, wind fast, he?s out of the bottom, pump and wind, he?s coming up, I see color. Sandy got him. He?s a nice 7.25 pound gray grouper on 8 pound spin. Sandy has qualified for the spin championship.

The good fishing is far from over. Soon Don gets a 12 pound kingfish on 8 pound plug. Sandy follows with a 14.5 pound king on 8 pound general. Don?s turn produces a 19.5 pound king on 8 general.

We try another spot after 5 hours in one place. It?s not so good. Don and Sandy each get kings. Don?s on plug, Sandy?s on spin. Ron observes that you should never leave fish to find fish. This has been one day that couldn?t be hurt by a little slow action at the end of the day.

We have several days available next week. Call or e-mail today to join the fun on Bouncer?s Dusky 33.

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