Grouper Grabbing

Report Date: January 16, 2004

It?s been a grouper week. Tuesday we had a bottom fishing charter. The angling couple on board had never caught a grouper, and wanted to cure that. The cure has worked. They caught a 35 pound amberjack, a barracuda, a shark, a 30 pound gray grouper and a 20 pound black grouper on live pinfish over a couple wrecks. While they were catching all that, a sailfish came along and ate a flat lined live pilchard. With sore arms, they requested a change of action. They though a little live bait sail fishing would give them a rest. In a little over an hour, they caught 5 more sailfish and called it a day.

We caught 1 of 3 swordfish in 3 hours Friday evening, but Tuesday evening the swordfish wanted nothing to do with us. 4 hours of fishing produced several squid bites.

Wednesday we caught a nice black grouper and a real nice gray grouper in about 30 minutes and then went drifting with live bait. We caught 1 of 2 sailfish, 6 kings, a couple schoolie dolphin and 2 mutton snappers to finish out the day.

Thursday produced 2 amberjack of 35 and 50 pounds, 3 black grouper, a dolphin, a couple kings and one of the most beautiful sailfish ever seen. It was lit up like a neon sign right next to the boat early in the fight and then danced all over the ocean. At the finish, it stood on it?s tail 4 or 5 times right next to the boat. What a show!

Thursday evening was too calm, but we still caught and released a tarpon near 100 pounds on a live shrimp.

Friday the current was much stronger. The day produced 5 big amberjacks, a 15 pound black grouper, 4 kings including one of 25 pounds hooked in the tail, a mutton snapper, a couple dolphin, a couple bonito and 1 of 2 sailfish.

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