Windy Action

Report Date: March 8, 2004

Fishing lately has been a breeze, a strong breeze most of the time. 10 days ago we caught 11 sailfish with Jeff Lapnow. He was a busy guy till about 2 PM when the wind switched and the fish turned off. We have struggled with lots of wind lately. We have had to cancel some trips and fish the bay others.

On the 29th we caught small trout in the bay after watching tarpon roll around the boat for a while. On March 2nd we caught a couple sailfish and several dolphin fishing live herring on kite and flatlines. On the 4th we caught 10 to 12 pound jacks in the bay on the out going tide. The 5th produced 15 dolphin from 7 to 16 pounds on live herring fished from the kite. It was easy to get the kite up with those 30 knot winds. A couple sailfish slipped by during some angler learning periods. Saturday morning we slept in to get well rested for afternoon sails and evening swords. Of course the sails and dolphin ate like crazy in the morning while the wind blew. Then when the wind quit and we got out, the fish disappeared. We did find a couple bonito and one sailfish. We jumped a big swordfish in the evening, ending a tough day.

Sunday was exactly the weather we wanted to wreck fish for amberjacks. Our goal was to find a permit along the coast and then an amberjack on the wrecks. 11 year old Martini Arostegui caught a 29 pound permit on a crab and a 27 pound amberjack on a live goggle eye. A very strong current made it tough to wreck fish.

Today was our day to shine again. Jeff Lapnow brought out the luck again. With a nice north wind this morning and a strong north bound current all day, we nailed some hot fishing. When the day ended Jeff had caught 9 sailfish and 5 bonito. The only down part of the day, was the fact that we missed or lost 8 sailfish. All said and done it was a lot of fun.

Monday night, March 15th we will be fishing on the outdoor channel at 8 PM eastern time with Mark Sosin on Mark Sosin?s Salt Water Journal. The show will also air on the Sunshine Channel 11:30 AM on Friday the 19th. Repeats of the show will air through the week on both channels.

If you see us out there on Bouncer?s Dusky 33 say hello. Or we will see you at the kingfish and tuna catching seminar at Dusky Sport Center on March 23rd at 6 PM.

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