Hello April Fishing

Report Date: April 1, 2004

Good bye March! What a month. Wind and more wind. We closed out that miserable month with fairly slow fishing this week, but at least it was calm. We had 4 days totally blown out a week ago. Saturday was still a mess with high winds, but we fished the bay and caught a few ladyfish, a very small permit and a 18 pound jack.

Sunday the wind was gone. We fished a small club kingfish tournament and caught a small kingfish. Only 4 or 5 boats competed and rumor had it that we caught the biggest king at 6.5 pounds. Of course a king had to weigh 15 pounds to qualify. There was no winner.

Night tarpon are great

Monday through Wednesday we have been fishing with a three escapees from Chicago. The weather has been great. This means the fishing has been tough. Monday we caught a couple sailfish and a couple kingfish. Tuesday we caught a couple sailfish, a couple kingfish and a 25 pound permit. Wednesday was even slower with a small barracuda, smaller mutton snapper and a 120 pound shark. The good news about Wednesday is that we stayed out for tarpon in the evening. Fishing with live shrimp and crabs, we caught 80 and 90 pound tarpon. A third was lost in a tangle with another boat?s line. For some reason, this year there are a lot of boats, fishing for tarpon, that have no manners. If you see a boat fighting a tarpon, you should take all measures to give them room to catch it. This will result in the same courtesy when you hook up.

The Miami Billfish Tournament is this weekend. There will be lots of fun taking place from 4 to 6 PM Thursday through Saturday afternoon and 1 to 7 on Sunday. Come on down to Miami Beach Marina and check it out.

April is here. Look for a run of big king mackerel this month. Blackfin tuna will appear in good numbers. Both of these fish will feed very well at sundown. The good news is that Daylight Savings Time starts on April 4th, meaning sundown is about 7:30 at night. Lots of fishing time after work hours. Sailfish will be very active all month, dolphin will bigger and more abundant, tarpon will be very hungry and snook will move out toward the inlets. It is time to GO FISHING!

Mark your calendar. We will be doing a dolphin seminar at Dusky Sport Center on May 27th from 6 to 8:30. I hope we see you on the rip, Bouncer.

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