Afternoon Action

Report Date: April 27, 2004

Fishing is way up from recent weeks. The conditions have been good and the fishing has followed suite. The conditions we look for are north current near the reef and easterly winds. We have had these conditions for about a week and the fish have been biting. Thursday we had a young couple out and they caught a couple dolphin fish, a barracuda, 4 sailfish and a 42 pound wahoo. I wish everyone could have seen that strike on the kite.

Friday we caught a couple sailfish and a big blackfin tuna. This was a trying days as we somehow lost about 10 fish over the course of the day.

Sunday we fished with the Arostegui family. They caught 3 sailfish, 5 mutton snapper, a bonito, a 9 pound rainbow runner, a porgy, a big barracuda and a 32 pound blackfin tuna.

Monday we were doing some bottom fishing while we waited for the afternoon sailfish and tuna bite. I must mention that every sailfish, tuna and wahoo we have caught lately has been caught after noon. The current was a little strange as it ran north, then stopped and ran south and then ran north again. We caught a nice king mackerel, a big barracuda, three mutton snappers, half a yellowtail snapper and gray grouper of 7 and 30 pounds. Our anglers wore out and we called it a day. Another boat that was starting when we headed home, caught 5 sailfish in the afternoon.

The down side of the week, was the fact that the tarpon were showing everywhere, but not biting very good. We did catch tarpon on every trip but one, but only one per trip. Tarpon action is usually good all the way through June, so this should be a short term set back in the action.

May is around the corner, dolphin will bigger and more abundant, tuna should be hot, sails will still join the party, tarpon will be very hungry and snook will be in the inlets. It is time to GO FISHING!

Mark your calendar. We will be doing a dolphin seminar at Dusky Sport Center on May 27th from 6 to 8:30. I hope we fish together on Bouncer?s Dusky 33 or we see you on the rip, Bouncer

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