August Action

Report Date: August 9, 2004

August Action

What a rainy start we have had this month. Over the past few days, we have spent more time dodging rain than fishing. Several times this week the Brian Wall family fished with

The Hall's finished their trip with a dozen snook

us. Brian was joined by his two fine sons, Brendan and Collin. On their first trip we caught numerous king mackerel and bonitas. A few barracuda finished out the day as the rain closed in. A couple days latter we had a very slow day with the boys. We tried live bait drifting, wreck fishing, tarpon and back to live bait. All our effort produced 2 bonita, a double header at that.

Thursday night we fished with a couple

Gary and Rick released a lot of snook

local fellows, and the action was very good. We ended the evening with 10 snook. These beautiful fish ranged up to 20 pounds. Of course with the season closed, it was catch and release, with great care not to hurt the fish.

Friday our charter had two request. They wanted eating fish for a bunch of people and back to the dock in 5 hours. We got back in time with loads of fine eating fish. Christine

Christine caught both these snowys at once

caught four snow grouper. The best part of that, was the fact that she caught a 16 pound snow and a 18 pound snow on the same drop. That was two fish on a single three hook rig. That was the best string of snows on one drop I have seen since the 70s. We jumped a sailfish and added a king mackerel for spice that trip.

Friday night Brian and Brendan were back. They wanted to try the snook and it worked. They caught 12 snook up to 16 pounds and a big barracuda. It was a shame the tarpon got away, but they will be back for him.

Saturday was good action with 6 kings and 4 bonitas. We missed as many as we caught for some reason. No angler mistakes, just bad luck I guess.

It?s August. That means hot temperatures during the day and hot fishing at night. Swordfish, cuberas, snook and snapper should please most anglers. Be very careful running the boat as divers will be thick this month. Don?t forget all those yellowtail snapper waiting in Bimini. Look for all the target fish from snappers to sailfish to be further from shore and deeper below the surface. Hey we have 5 or 6 trips open this month, give us a call. 305-945-5114

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